"I'm talking common sense! Look around! There is nothing left to save! The JTF is trying to save a Manhattan that doesn't exist anymore. It is all about power now. Power and Survival. They are done but I am not. Not if you work with me."
— Aaron Keener to Scarecrow

Aaron Keener is a Strategic Homeland Division agent who has gone rogue and created his own unit with other First Wave agents. According to April Kelleher Echo #5, Keener's codename is "Vanguard".

Before the OutbreakEdit

Keener graduated from The Citadel, a Military College in South Carolina, before enlisting in the military. He served a tour of duty at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti and has a mild reputation as a Fobbit (A soldier who spends most of his service away from the front line and serving sentry duty at Forward Operating Bases in the battlefield).

Keener is noted to combine his military experience and decision-making skill to achieve extensive success in the private sector. Upon leaving the military, Keener took up a job as a futures trader on Wall Street. Keener is labelled to be adaptable and confident, where he always assumes that he is going to come out on top.

Keener is twice divorced. However, he maintains friendly relationships with both ex-wives. One of them has described Keener as too much work to keep up with.

Keener also has a privileged upbringing and has never faced real adversity. Despite this, he has been able to overcome any obstacle through a combination of willpower and intelligence. Keener also has a personable character, enabling him to get others to work together to achieve his goals.

Keener was thus noted to be a "potentially prototypical candidate" for joining the Division. This is probably due to his intellect as a person, as well as his military expertise from his time in military school as well as his time serving the military.

After the OutbreakEdit

Keener was part of the first wave of Division agents to be activated after the outbreak of Green Poison. One of his objectives given by the Division was to secure the Dark Zone, constructed to contain the infected citizens. However, CERA and the JTF lost control of the Dark Zone quickly after its establishment, resulting in them abandoning Keener and his fellow first wave agents in the Dark Zone while pulling out. This incident has changed Keener's perspective of the federal government and disenchanted with his role as a Division agent. As such, he made the choice of turning rogue against the Division.

His first actions after turning rogue were to gather the first wave agents and form a unit of agents to work for him in future operations. Agents who chose not to ally with him were killed by Keener in cold blood. This event has triggered the Division to send a second wave of agents to investigate as much of the first wave of agents has appeared to have gone MIA as a whole.

Keener then met Charles Bliss, the commanding officer of the Last Man Battalion. Keener wanted to make use of the Last Man Battalion to establish dominance over Manhattan, while Bliss wanted to take advantage of Keener's Shade technology to get an advantage over other factions controlling Manhattan. Together, Keener and the Last Man Battalion has launched many operations against belligerent factions, including the JTF.

One of the joint operations conducted is the bombing of a JTF helicopter that was carrying the Division Commander in charge of bringing the second wave of Division agents into Manhattan. The bombing also resulted in Faye Lau's injury as well as knocking the Player unconscious.

While conducting the operations with the Last Man Battalion, Keener also investigated the outbreak on his own, eventually discovering that Gordon Amherst was responsible for the Outbreak. After Faye Lau discovered several bodies of the first wave agents, clues pointing to Aaron Keener started to emerge, introducing Aaron Keener to the Player. After the Police Academy mission, the Player first caught a glimpse of Keener through a recovered CCTV footage. Later on the player is task to save Dr. Vitaly Tchernenko from the Russian consulate. When the player waits for him to open the secret door to the panic room, Rogue agents working with Keener break in, taking Tchernenko to a chopper seen leaving by the player. The chopper is presumed to be heading towards a LMB base for Keener, later revealed to be the UN Headquarters.

However, once the JTF and The Division storm the UN to drive out the LMB and eliminate Bliss (with a secondary object to find Tchernenko and Keener), a Echo reveals that Keener sees that the LMB are finished and instead takes Tchernenko with him while ordering two other rogue agents to stall the Second Wave agents and also jam Division tracking hardware to prevent them following him, after which they would regroup at a another location (the location of which at this time is unknown). This was to earn Bliss' anger at Keener for betraying the LMB.

After Bliss was killed and the UN secured by the JTF, an Echo reveals that Keener had found Amherst's lab, as well as some virus samples, a 3D DNA printer and also Amherst's notes and ideas. Following on from an earlier discussion he had with another First Wave Agent, he stole as much as he could put into a duffel bag, then left a message (via his hacked Shade Tech) for any Second Wave agent who picked up the signal and then took off. At this point in time, thanks to Faye Lau and the Second Wave, the JTF and the US Government (or what remains of it) are now and well truly aware of Keener's activities and intentions, with him now wanted for high treason and the possibility of being registered as a terrorist now.

At this point in time, Aaron Keener's location is currently unknown.

Known Treason Charges Edit

  • Execution of civilians.
  • Failure to prevent JTF deaths.
  • Convincing many members of the First Wave to go rogue.
  • Execution of loyal First Wave Division agents and assigned Division Commander.
  • Working alongside Last Man Battalion.
  • Massacring members of the Second Wave Division agents and assigned Division Commander, save for Faye Lau and the Player (with LMB support).
  • Kidnapping virologist Vitaly Tchernenko.
  • Hindering Joint Task Force and Division missions.
  • Theft of Gordon Amherst's notes, laptop, virus samples and 3D biological printer with intent to create a new virus and vaccine, which he will solely have the ownership to place the population at his mercy.

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