Agent Origins (Conspiracies) is a web film created as promotional material for Tom Clancy's The Division. It was released on January 19, 2016.

Plot Edit

The film starts out set 18 days after the Green Poison outbreak begins, as one of the characters (Everret) starts to narrate the origins of the Green Poison, however then the character starts to (ironically correctly) guess the origins and organization of the Strategic Homeland Division, or The Division for short. After the narration of this concludes, the character narrating then proceeds to try and explain his reasoning to the other male character (John), and the female character (Mia) and pulls out a $20 bill containing the Green Poison after Mia goes to the kitchen to make everyone pizza.

After a small freakout from John over touching a potentially contaminated bag, John then proceeds to act like Everret is onto something, and pulls up a gun, which turns out to be a foam dart gun. After John shoots Everret with the dart, a car alarm is heard outside, which in response John opens the window to investigate, to which Everret closes the window to prevent the smell of the pizza being made escaping and luring looters. He also explains that this is an apocalyptic setting.

After this, John looks down at his watch, which is glowing orange, after this he looks to Everret and says "It's time", alluding to when an agent is activated by The Division. However, the watch was on a timer to let them know when the pizza Mia was making was ready.

Shortly after serving up the pizza, a looter breaks into the apartment of the characters. His gaze then shoots straight to the fake gun Everret is holding, which he perceives a real weapon (since it is painted all black). Everret tries to shout over and over its fake, but to no avail. As the looter starts to pull out his pistol, Mia grabs the serving plate of the pizza and flings it at the looter, stunning him as she jumps up at him and starts struggling with him for possession of the weapon. Whilst struggling, the weapon goes off several times, including once between Everret and John on the couch. After the weapons clip is empty and stuck in an uncocked position, the struggle continues until Mia is flung towards her backpack. The camera then cuts to the looter who then cocks the pistol and aims for John and Everret. Before he can fire, however, Mia fires off her own pistol killing the looter. After this, Mias watch lights up as she is actuvated by The Division. She then radios to other Division agents in the NYC area. She then asks for her backpack, and throws it on before leaving. John asks if she will return, only for no response to follow.

Cast Edit

  • Matt Lynch as John
  • Amanda Day as Mia
  • Sasha Andreev as Everret
  • Danny Mason as Daryl (as Danny Mason)