"Broadway Emporium" is the third Medical Medical main mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Its minimum recommended level is 8 and can be started at Abel's department store in the Garment District.


Abel's department store has been identified as a potential release site for the lethal "Green Poison" virus. Find and secure samples of the original virus strain on money at the checkout counters.


This mission consists of Cleaners as your enemy.

Head inside the store to find several enemies in the main lobby. Clear out the enemies, then follow the markers to the side door and head down the stairs. In this lower area there are explosives that will go off if you get too close. Use Pulse to scan the area so you know where they’re located, then shoot them from a distance. You may also simply run past them as well. Your agent's warning system will advise you of rising Carbon Dioxide and Temperature levels due to a fire and guide you to a sprinkler system override.

When you reach the valve that activates the sprinkler system, keep in mind that an enemy will come down the stairs where you will exit. Move straight to the wheel and activate the system because an incendiary trap is at the back of the room. There will also be multiple fires on your way to the valve so move carefully.

Head out of the room and follow the markers to the stairs. To the left of the stairs is an ammo crate so you can restock. Continue up the stairs and through the door at the top to reach the main floor of the store again the enemy mentioned earlier might wait above the stairs. Keep following the multiple way point marker lines to three locations in search of the contaminated dollar bills at various registers around the store.

You’ll soon find that none of the dollar bills test positive, which means you need to recover more dollar bills and that means engaging more hostiles. Head to the other side of second floor to engage a group of enemies. They will rush you if you give them time so take out the ones moving toward you before you engage the enemies that are hanging back.

With the hostiles down, your search for contaminated dollar bills continues. This time you have two locations to search on the next floor up. Unfortunately both test negative so you need to recover more bills. You will once again be advised by ISAC that there is another fire. Follow the way point marker lines to the recovery point, then over to the wall to activate the override for the sprinkler system.

At this point you need to recover more bills. Head up to the next floor to find the bills you need, then hit the sprinkler on the wall next to an ammo crate. More hostiles will finally attack, but your present location is not a good place to fight. Move forward into the open lobby area and take cover here.

You’ll have enemies coming at you from both directions. This is where the turret will be most handy, deploy it (by throwing) on which ever side you're not located (if playing with a team be sure to deploy the turret between your team member and his/ her enemies so as not to have friendly fire). This will serve as a distraction for enemies while you handle ones on your side. About 4 or 5 waves of cleaners will spawn, after you have held them all off you're search for bills will continue

The next location is a contaminated area and has the bills you need, so pick them up then rappel down the elevator shaft. The elevators are right next to the ammo crate, so be sure to restock before you release the rope and rappel down into a no respawn area.

In the area below is the final battle of the mission against Kosinski and a handful of his men. Your best course of action is to immediately run for the escalators on the far side of the lobby and make your way up to the second floor. From the high ground you can pick off most of the enemies before they have a chance to react, leaving only Kosinski.

If you move around the second floor well, Kosinski may never head up to engage you directly, remaining on the ground floor. However, his flamethrower can still reach you on the second floor, so you need to stay on the move and only attack when he’s at a distance. If you aim for his fuel canisters, you can inflict significant damage with the blast that follows. This won’t stop his use of the flamethrower or kill him, but it’s more damage than any of your weapons will inflict. If you should decide to face him on the same floor, use the turret as a distraction, he will immediately run towards it to destroy it giving you the capability to aim for his fuel canisters. Using a Light Machine Gun is recommended if he is being distracted by the turret, he will be standing still which enables you to open fire on him (the aiming will be very erratic for the first few shots but dials in after a few seconds)

The longer you take to finish off Kosinski, the more enemies will spawn to assist him. After the first wave you won’t see more than a few spawn at a time, so don’t rush in fear of getting ambushed. Remember, this is a no respawn area, which means you’ll have to start this battle over if you die. If you take your time, you may have to fight a few more enemies, but it will be worth it in the end.

Objectives Edit

  1. Enter Abel's department store
  2. Secure the area
  3. Turn on sprinkler system
  4. [0/3] Search for the contaminated dollar bills
  5. Recover dollar bills
  6. Secure the area
  7. [0/2] Search for contaminated dollar bills
  8. Recover dollar bills
  9. Activate sprinkler
  10. Recover dollar bills
  11. Activate sprinkler
  12. Defend area
  13. Recover dollar bills
  14. Rappel down elevator shaft
  15. Secure the area
  16. Neutralize Kosinski


The mission can be repeated, however you only receive the wing supplies and EXP on the first completion of the mission. The quantity or quality of your reward depends on the difficulty you choose.

  • Medical 500 Medical Wing Supplies
  • Exp 25,400
  • Virus Progress Report 1




Image Title Description Gamerscore Trophy
Outbreak Secure a sample of the original virus strain. 10Gamerscore Bronze Trophy icon Bronze

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