Brooklyn is an area showcased in the 2013 E3 Showcase for The Division, and a playable area in the beginning of the game.

Events in The Division Edit

Brooklyn serves as a small tutorial map for the player, with only a small section of the map playable. Here the player learns the basic controls of the game, they complete four missions where they capture containers of food and medical supplies that were stolen by rioters. As they are about to board the Division helicopter, a LMB surface to air missile destroys the helicopter and the player is knocked out, killing most of the second wave agents, (it is unknown if they were all the second wave agents.), including the Division commander except the player and another agent named Faye Lau. A JTF helicopter lands and takes them to Camp Hudson in Manhattan.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though it was an extremely early build of the game, the E3 2013 trailer showed Brooklyn as a full playable map with a Dark Zone. Locations would have included an emergency office, the Brooklyn War Memorial, the Carousel, Brooklyn Zoo, and the Dumbo Ferry. Other locations shown on the map were the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge.
  • It is also worth noting that the first mission of the game, Precinct Siege, appears in this demo.
  • Again, it should also be said that parts of Queens was shown being connected to Brooklyn at the end of the video. However, most likely this was all concept due to Queens never appearing in the final game.