Information updated to Update 1.5 in Tom Clancy's The Division.

The C79 (3.4x) is a Small Optic Weapon Mod. This optic magnifies targets by 3.4x and the reticle is a circle with a red dot in the center. It provides a clear picture of the target and is very useful in short to medium range engagements.

It is based off the real world 3.4x28 power ELCAN C79 optical sight that is widely used on the Diemaco C7, FN MINIMI, FN MAG and CZ-805 BREN families of firearms.

Possible Attributes Edit

*Major Attributes Edit

  • Critical Hit Damage

*Possible Attachments Edit

  • Lightweight M4
  • Military SCAR-H
  • Black Market SAGS-12 S
  • Classic M1A
  • Classic M60
  • Classic RPK-74
  • Converted SMG-9 A2
  • Converted USC
  • Covert SRS
  • Enhanced PP-19
  • First Wave M1A
  • Hunting M44
  • Infantry MG5
  • LVOA-C
  • M700 Carbon
  • MG5
  • Military AK-47M
  • Military G36
  • Military L86 LSW
  • Military M870
  • Military MK46
  • MP5 ST
  • MP7
  • Paratrooper SVD
  • Police T821
  • Police UMP-45
  • Tactical ACR
  • tactical SA-5B
  • Tactical Super 90 SVS
  • Tactical Vector 45 ACP

*This is not an exhaustive list