Summary Edit

The Catastrophic Emergency Response Agency (CERA) is a federal agency which was created to deal with large-scale natural disasters. In The Division, they are the group most focused on halting and containing the spread of the Green Poison virus, and their efforts, like quarantine zones, medical facilities, and supply distribution centers have been seen throughout the many trailers and gameplay demos for The Division.

CERA was involved heavily in quarantining Manhattan and supplying it's people with rations and medical aid. There are many quarantine zones and checkpoints that showed CERA seals on them that have been destroyed or abandoned. It is also possible to find many CERA trucks and supplies across Manhattan. Many of them are found near the Base of Operations.

Many of the Safe Houses also have CERA seals and a lot of them had camps for civilians.

In the Base of Operations most of the personnel are at The Medical Wing whereas others are helping with the decorations for Christmas and New Year.

Real Life Counterpart Edit


The Seal for the Department of Homeland Security.


The seal/logo for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, presumed to be what CERA was modeled after.

Whilst there is no formal U.S. Agency quite like CERA, the closest departments and agencies are the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and one of its' agencies, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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