A sick man is trying to hide the fact that he is infected while trying to pass through a screening area. He and his wife are stopped by a CERA worker, who immediately notices he is sick, and a JTF officer takes him away for further evaluation, forcefully.

ECHO DetailsEdit

Raymond Scott

  • Current Status: Active Duty
  • Occupation: Physician
  • Details: Working with CERA and JTF
  • Affiliation: JTF

Randy Thomas Landis

  • Current Status: Active Duty
  • Occupation: USMC, Private
  • Details: Assigned guard duty at Camp Hudson
  • Affiliation: JTF

Mark Powell

  • Current Status: Infected
  • Occupation: Accounts Assistant
  • Details: Undergoing treatment at JTF facility
  • Affiliation: Civilian

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