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"Leave it to the US Military to confuse the Caduceus with the rod of Asclepius."
— Unknown Last Man Battalion Officer

The Caduceus is an Exotic Assault Rifle based on the SCAR-L.

A randomly dropping reward, this assault rifle has a full compliment of mod slots except for the weapon skin, due to the fact that all named weapons have unique skins that cannot be removed, transferred or changed. Caduceus skin is black and blue with gold details. End game examples have an item level of 31.

Talents Edit

As a named weapon, all three talents are always the same on all examples, consisting of 2 talents which must be activated by appropriate stats, and a third that is always on, regardless of stats:

Talented - Killing a target with this weapon increases Skill Power by 15% for 20 seconds. Killing a new target refreshes the timer.

Competent - Weapon damage is increased by 10% for 15 seconds after using a skill.

Caduceus- Each Critical hit heals you and your group for 1%

Handling Characteristics Edit

Sporting a starting DPS of 72,000 to 76,000 at level 31 before mods, Caduceus is one of the higher damage ARs. Fully equipped with superior or higher mods (sights with accuracy and other useful bonus, magazines with extra capacity and rate of fire, handles with accuracy and stability, and suppressors or other muzzle mods that give accuracy) in the hands of a player with around 3000 firearms, Caduceus provides around 150k+ dps.

Just like the SCAR-L on which it is based, it has a strong recoil drift straight up. While accuracy (i.e. grouping of shots if the gun were held in a vice and could not drift) provides solid quantifiable dps gains as shown by the stat named 'DPS' in game, it is in fact highly beneficial to add mods that provide at least a total of 50% extra stability (25% from an under barrel mod and another 25% or more from a muzzle brake or other muzzle mod), as this brings the recoil down to such a degree that short bursts become laser-like with no drift at all.

Due to its talents requiring high electronics stat, this rifle favors skill/talent based builds, but remains a highly effective weapon regardless of talent activation.

Confirmed Drops Edit

Recent data mining from Reddit user Ced23Ric has found that the Caduceus assault rifle has a 5% chance of dropping from named enemies outside of the Dark Zone when playing on Hard difficulty.

Bullet King - Open World PVE named Mob 

Larae Barrett - Lexington Event Center, final boss

Raptor - General Assembly, mid-mission boss

Soretto - Clinton (near warehouse / in alleyway)

Erskine - Hudson Yards Open World PVE named Mob

Domino - General Assembly, mid-mission boss

Finch - Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, final boss

Kosinski - Broadway Emporium, final boss - HARD DAILY

Guard - WarrenGate Power Plant, Final room first kill - Hard Challenge

Hornet - Russian Consulate, Final Boss - Challenge Mode

Scarecrow - Police Academy, final boss

Apollo - Open World PVE named Mob 

Fray - Open World PVE named Boss (Alley between blocks) 

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned in the flavour text, Caduceus is often confused with the Rod of Asclepius, the staff of the Greek god associated with medicine and healing.
    • Caduceus is the staff of Hermes and is symbolised by a rod with two serpents intertwined.
    • The Rod of Asclepius on the other hand, is only intertwined with one serpent.

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