"It's better to shoot someone innocent than to let someone guilty get away. And it's better to shoot first than to risk getting shot, even if you're not 100% sure. That's how we will win this war. That's how we will save this city. Collateral damage is to be expected."
— Charles Bliss

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bliss is the commander of the Last Man Battalion (LMB). Prior to becoming the Commander of the Last Man Battalion. Bliss served in the United States Armed Forces and retired before the outbreak to work in the private security sector where he created the Last Man Battalion. Bliss and his Private Military Company were hired by Wall Street to protect their assets, but after they were trapped behind the quarantine zone, Bliss took matters into his own hands and started carving out New York for himself, promising to take it back from the "liars and thieves." He rules with an iron first, betraying both the Joint Task Force and the Division at the behest of his ally, rogue agent Aaron Keener. Charles Bliss is killed in a helicopter battle when it crashes, during the attack on the United Nations Embassy. Bliss acts as the final boss during the final boss fight in the game.

His death marks the collapse of the LMB.

Personality Edit

Duty, honor, strength are just a few words to describe the character of Charles Bliss. Respected by his men who would "follow him to the gates of hell", chose to break his contract with the Wall Street tycoons when he saw no use or benefit to him or his men guarding "dead server farms". While he accepted the alliance with him and Aaron Keener, he was to criticize how much the second wave have targeted the LMB, and how much this deal benefited Aaron Keener more then him. After Keener betrays and leaves him for dead, he is thrown into a state of rage, but decided to first deal with the Second wave agents storming the General Assembly before going after Keener.

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