"These streets must be sanitized. To save our city, we must burn away this disease. Every trace of it. No matter the cost."
— Cleaners

The Cleaners are former New York City sanitation workers (garbage men, janitors, custodians, etc.) who lost everything during the outbreak. Formed by Joe Ferro, they are convinced that the only way to save the city from the virus is to burn everything down, including the people still living in it.

After the death of Joe Ferro and the loss of more than half of their man power and their main source of napalm supply and production, the Cleaners were weakened to the point that they are no longer the big threat to the JTF.

Intelligence Brief Edit

A roaming faction, the Cleaners can appear in many districts; all agents should proceed with extra caution, especially in Cleaner-occupied territories. The faction consists of sanitation workers that were stranded from their homes once the virus hit. Trapped in the quarantine zones, they decided to take matters into their own misguided hands. Armed with flamethrowers, fire axes, fire bombs, and shields,they travel from one area to another hoping to cleanse the city of the virus. They will burn anything they deem to be contaminated. Their terror spreads quickly like the fire they wield. They are brutal people and have no feelings for the sick people or people they believe are sick, as they have a belief that sick people are dead people. A video recovered from the napalm production site or HQ shows a footage of a civilian's phone which shows that she is burnt alive by a Cleaner when she was caught at the site. To identify their territories, Agents are advised to keep a lookout for yellow colored garbage trucks.

Known Cleaner Crews Edit

  • Swing Shift
  • Early Shift
  • Night Shift
  • Bargaining Unit
  • Four Horsemen
  • Zetticci Bros.
  • Derby's Crew
  • Robinson's Crew
  • Almanza's Crew
  • Marconi's Crew
  • Davenport's Crew
  • Kotowski's Crew
  • Quintanilla's Crew

Tactics Edit

When fighting Cleaners, Agents should keep a distance from them, as Cleaners are equipped with flamethrowers and can easily burn and kill them. Using long range weapons is recommended. If a member of the Cleaners is shot enough in the gas tank backpack, it will explode and damage them severely, or kill them depending on their level. However, not all Cleaners wear gas tanks such as Mechanics and Shields.

The Sweeper class will usually pin down their targets while another Sweeper rushes up to burn them. The Fumigators, being the Grenadier archetype, will lob incendiary grenade, and at higher levels (31 and 32), gas grenades at enemies in cover and will sometimes assist in pinning down the target. Mechanics will rush to cover when combat starts, and will place a crude turret on top of the cover. Once the turret is down, the Mechanic will then engage with his Shotgun. If the Mechanic is killed, and the turret isn't destroyed, the turret will fire at enemies randomly until stopping, which it is then destroyed. Shield wielders will rush the target with a shield and fire axe, and won't stop until they are killed. Incinerators are rare, but they are the toughest enemy that can be encountered in Cleaner areas. They slowly shamble towards their target, or will run up to it if not close enough to attack. The flamethrowers they wield have pretty far range and can dish out a lot of damage in a single spew. Snipers used to be encountered only in the Amherst's Apartment and the Napalm Production Site missions, but since the Clear Sky update, they are now a more common sight - particularly in Search and Destroy missions and High-Value Target Ops.

Enemy Types Edit

  • Sweeper - Armed with AK-47s with home-made flamethrowers attached to them. Identified by their fuel tanks.
  • Fumigator - Grenadier enemies who throw incendiary grenades, and are armed with an M9 (regular) or an MP-7 SMG (Elite/Veteran) as a backup weapon. Identified by their white/gray HAZMAT suits. They have a weak point that is the red ammo box on their waist. On higher difficulties, some might throw gas grenades containing toxic fumes
  • Shield - Melee enemies armed with a bullet-resistant shield and a fire axe. They have 2/3rds the amount of health and (if Veteran/Elite rank) armor compared to regular Cleaners. Note their shield can break after being shot many times.
  • Collector - Dressed similar to Shields (work overalls, gas mask, high-vis vest and hooded jumper), but are armed with AK-47s. So far, seen only in Dragons Nest.
  • Controller - Enemies armed with classic M1A (Regular) or Socom M1A (Veteran/Elite) sniper rifles and M9 pistols for close-range. Identified by their blue boiler suits and radio backpacks, similar in appearance to a Cleaner Mechanic. They have 2/3rds the amount of health and (if Veteran/Elite rank) armor compared to regular Cleaners.
  • Mechanic - Enemies who can deploy and repair Turrets. They are also armed with M870 Shotguns and PF45 pistols. On Challenge difficulties and the Incursion Dragon's Nest, they control modified Remote Controlled cars carrying a mix of explosives, Napalm B and tear gas which is rigged to explode in close proximity of it's target.
  • Incinerator - Large, heavily armored boss enemies armed with flamethrowers and incendiary grenades that explode on impact (molotovs), they have 3 times the amount of health and armor as regular Cleaners of the same rank. They wear three fuel canisters on their back that can be shot and detonated, which deals a good amount of damage to them and other enemies near them. Another variant acts like a Rikers Guard armed with an M249 Para appears in heroic difficulty in Hudson Refugee Camp or in the incursion, Dragon's Nest. They also have a weak point, the red ammo box on their backpacks which fires everywhere damaging NPCs or Players while they are distracted. When in combat with the Incinerators, keep your distance, keep walking backwards while shooting them. Aim for their fuel canister's for a quicker kill.
  • Fire Truck (Boss only) - Armed with flamethrowers and incendiary missiles seen in Dragon's Nest

Named Enemies Edit


"Get out of the fire radius!"

"You're spreading the disease"

"Let me do my job!"

"Burn them!"

"Put your weapons down"

"Remember why you're here!"

"Let's take care of business!"

"Firebomb out!" -Throwing grenade

"Hold on! Need to refuel!" -Reloading

"We got a live one!"

"We ought to be able to do this on a bigger scale" -Idle

"If we come out clean on the other side, it's all worth it" -Idle

"Gonna have to burn that thing" -Seeing a dog

"People are just dirty" -Idle

"Don't expect to get out of here alive" -Idle

"Tough work but someone's got to do it" -Idle

"Selfish infected might be hiding" -Idle

"We'll go down in history as heroes" -Idle

"If they got the virus, they're already dead" -Idle

"Incendiary!" -Throwing grenade

"Watch out! Looks angry" -Seeing a grenade

"I know"

"Hyaaaaa" -Shield attacking

"Oh my god!" -Seeing a sentry

"It's a bomb!" -Seeing a grenade

"Burn him!"

"Another one" -Burning a civilian

"Take care"


"Better gonna get cover"

"Let's have fun"

"No, try my passion"

"Surrender now"

"It's not here!" -Searching for the player

"Gotcha!" -Shield

"That hurts?"

"Come on! Burn!"

"Eat fire!"

"Catch him!"

"Watch my back!"

"Got him!"

"Drop the gun"

"That guy!"


"Guys!" -Seeing the player

"I'll make this quick!"

"Take This!"

"Burning, Quick!"


"Do it!"


"We got a turret!" -Seeing a Turret

"That way!"

"On me!"

"Burning, out!"

"Yeah burn, You know it"

"Fire in the hole" -Throwing grenade

"Head's up. Burning!" -Sweeper igniting flamethrower

"Here we go!" -Sweeper igniting flamethrower

"Damn You!"

"I need to fix it!" -Mechanic

"You better die with the city! For everyone!" -Controller

"Its you or the future, pal!"



  • For those who want to get a close look at a Sweeper, Fumigator or Shield, play the Mission Napalm Production Site. In the hazmat area before you encounter Joe Ferro, there will be a Sweeper and a Fumigator (a shield may spawn on harder difficulties) on the other side of the glass window directly to your right when you first enter the area above before going to the staircase where Joe is located at (a shield may spawn on harder difficulties) . They will react to you, and you can look at them until they notice you before continuing. It appears to be their spawn point, as they come out when you fight Joe Ferro.
  • Despite being dedicated to burning out the virus, Cleaners are rarely seen anywhere near Contaminated areas outside of the Dark Zone.
  • Sometimes, when a civilian goes near a group of Cleaners, they will threaten them, and they will flee in terror.

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