Companion Gaming Trailer - Gamescom 2013 I Tom Clancy's The Division01:50

Companion Gaming Trailer - Gamescom 2013 I Tom Clancy's The Division

This Companion app will allow players on smartphones and tablets to join in on the action in Tom Clancy's The Division with their squads. The companion app will give players a bird's eye view of the battlefield as they assist their squad mates. The drone can buff allies, debuff enemies, launch missiles, and heal. There are limitations to where the drone is allowed to go. The drone cannot go underground or into buildings. But even with these limitations, the drones will be very useful to the players.

The drone will not replace players in the squad roster. The maximum team will be 4 players plus a companion app/drone player.

On E3 2015, Ubisoft announced that the companion app feature will be canceled.

The reason for cancellation was that it will create an unfair play against other players after the announcement of the Dark Zones, an area where PvP is possible.[1]


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