A Contamination Zone is an area where lethal concentrations of the Green Poison that have not been cleaned up during New York's descent into chaos. Entering any of these zones with an underleveled filter can kill a player regardless of health in 10 seconds.

Contamination Zones vary in how contaminated they are. Level 2 Zones require a level 2 filter (obtained by upgrading the Base of Operations Medical Wing), Level 3 Zones require a Level 3 filter, etc.

Changes in Survival Mode Edit

In the Survival game mode, Contamination Zone mechanics change slightly. An underleveled filter will still down or kill the player. However, since in Survival there is no Base of Operations to upgrade, the player needs to create the Advanced Virus Filter, which requires the Basic Virus Filter be crafted first. The Basic Virus Filter does NOT allow a player to enter contaminated areas. Only the Advanced Virus Filter allows players to stay in Contaminated Zones for more than 10 seconds. This is important in Survival due to extra Division Tech materials being placed inside contaminated areas, which allows the player to craft high end weapons.

Beta Edit

In The Division beta, contamination zones were not coded to damage players as the main concern with the beta was about stress testing the servers and making a proper Anti-Cheating system.

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