This list is about content that was cut from the final game of Tom Clancy's The Division.

  • One World Trade Center/Freedom Tower, The skyscraper could be seen in the manhattan skyline in early gameplays, photos and concept art. The skyscraper was cut for unknown reasons. 
  • Companion App
  • Drone
  • In 2013 and 2014 E3 gameplay footage, the character have different set of walking and sprinting animations, animation of character picking up loots and consumables, 'Down' animation, reload animation, animation of setting up turret and activating scan. Character also able to perform action such as sliding across the hood of a car. These animations for reason unknown, were cut from the final game.
  • In 2015 E3 gamplay footage, elite enemies have a different color health bar.A skill called healing grenade which was replaced as First Aid in the final game. There is also a different ISAC rogue protocol declaration voice line.
  • In 2015 E3 gameplay trailer, rioters have a different set of models which ultimately cut from the game. This CCTV footage features the cut model.

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