"The modern military's answer when breaching or providing forward support cover, the FrontLine set of hardened armor uses micro-servos to handle the increased load of the body armor."
— Description

D3-FNC (Formerly known as FrontLine) is a gear set in Tom Clancy's The Division. Added in Update 1.5: Survival, the set focuses on dealing damage while using the Ballistic Shield.


The D3-FNC focuses on using the Ballistic Shield. When using the ballistic shield, the player uses the SMG equipped. Any other weapons, including sidearms can not be used with the ballistic shield, and can only be used when in cover or when the shield is disabled.

Set completion bonus Edit

  • Set Bonus (2): +15% Protection from Elite
  • Set Bonus (3): +30.0% Ballistic Shield health
  • Set Bonus (4): Talent: FrontLine
    • Allows using a SMG if one is equipped when Ballistic Shield is deployed, however player can only use Default Shield.

Set items Edit


  • The gear set was revealed at a special E3 presentation of the Underground Expansion.
  • In Update 1.5, the SMG can not land critical hits.
    • However, using Precision talent and the Pulse skill can allow SMGs to land critical hits
  • In Update 1.5, players cannot use their sidearm with the gear set.
    • With Update 1.6, the player will switch to their sidearm when the SMG runs out of ammo.
  • In Update 1.6, the D3-FNC 4 piece talent has been changed to disable the buffs from the skill mods, while allowing the SMGs to have the critical hit chance.

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