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"Your ace in the hole when you need to put holes in aces."
— Description

Overview Edit

The Defiler is an Exotic weapon in The Division. It is a sawed-off shotgun sidearm, taking the place of a sidearm spot. This weapon is obtained through purchasing the Season Pass. The weapon is only available as a Level 5 weapon, and cannot be upgraded to a gear score.

Information Edit

This sidearm is a very powerful weapon at very close ranges. Considering it is a stock-less and shortened barrel version of the Double Barrel Shotgun, its range is very limited. Currently the only weapon known to have level scaling damage.

Real World Version Edit

Although there is very little indication of what the Defiler is based on, as there are many sawed-off shotguns of different styles and types. This variant of said shotgun is of the Lupara or break-open type. This means that the shortened barrel (or barrels) of a lupara lend themselves to easier handling in wooded areas, or to easier concealment and indoor employment in urban areas. The lack of choke contributes to a wider spread of shot when the weapon is fired.