This originally was supposed to be manned by someone on The Division App but Ubisoft canceled the app due to it "ruining a team dynamic"


A Drone in action. Controlled by a player using a tablet.

The Drone is a piece of technology which The Division agents possess in Tom Clancy's The Division. It is manned by an agent and acts as a support drone, having a top down view of the area, marking enemies, calling in missile strikes, and other offensive abilities.

The drone will have its own progression system and skills to choose from and can take a defensive or offensive role in combat.

As seen in the E3 Trailer, the Drone can be controlled by players using a tablet.

As of the Incursions update, Drones are used by the Last Man Battalion during Falcon Lost. They have the same armor as Veteran Enemies and come in two variants. One of them shoots normal bullets, which is identified by a red targeting laser, while the other one shoots shock darts in a similar fashion to the Turret's Zapper Mod, identified by a blue targeting laser.

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