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"Where you recognize evil, speak out against it, and give no truces to your enemies."
— Hávamál, st. 127[1]

The Eir is an Exotic Submachine Gun in The Division. Known before as the Valkyria, the weapon is used along side the Hildr in the Twin Valkyries weapon gear set.

In GameEdit

The Eir is based on the SMG-9 submachine gun. The weapon has a bright silver finish.

Weapon TalentsEdit

The Eir comes with three weapon talents, like other High-end weapons.

Weapon Gear SetEdit

The weapon can be used with the Hildr for the weapon gear set. Players use the Hildr to increase the critical hit damage, while switching over to the Eir to land the critical hits.

Twin ValkyriesEdit

Set Bonus (2): Talent | Valkyria

  • Each hit with Hildr increases critical hit damage by 1% to a max of 100%. The bonus decreased by 1% every second.
    • Hildr crit chance reduced to 0%.


  • The Eir is named off the Valkyrie [1] of the same name.
    • Eir is a goddess/valkyrie of Norse mythology associated with medical skill.

Gallery Edit

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