Last Name: Jenkins

First Name: Eleanor

Age: 32

Place of Birth: Stuttgart, Germany

Former Job: U.N. Interpreter

Blood Type: O-

Psychological Profile

- Father was a serviceman stationed in Germany, mother was a German national. Born on base; classic military brat as Father moved the family frequently. Picked up the local language anywhere they went. Spoke 8 fluently by the time she graduated high school.

- Did undergrad at Barnard; joined international consulting firm right out of college. While blew shading dealings her employer advised on & went to the UN to serve as a translator.

- Deeply introverted. Prefers solo hobbies such as rock climbing and martial arts

- Was married once, been divorced six years. Does not give her trust easily, & is unsentimental about coworkers.

- Avoids conflict wherever possible, but will defend herself if pushed. Careful & methodical, prefers to observe, then problem-solve.

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