Enemy Archetypes

Many factions have different archetypes. Enemy archetypes can be found on the legend on the map, or by referencing the picture on the right.

Variants Edit

Normal Edit

Red health bar. Has no armor. Can be dealt with quickly if the player has on-par equipment.

Veteran Edit

Purple health bar. Has some armor. Take caution if it is a rusher. Appears on the Hard difficulty, and occasionally in the open world, as well as in DZ 04-06.

Elite Edit

Yellow health bar. Has moderate armor. Take extreme caution with rushers. Always appears on Challenging difficulty, as well as in DZ07-09.

Named Elite Edit

Yellow health bar. Has a name. Usually has heavy armor. Appears at the end of every mission as a boss. In challenging, multiple Named Elites can apear.

Rusher Edit

Rushers are enemies equipped with melee or close range weapons. They can be especially dangerous at high levels. To counter these enemies, it is recommended to prioritize these enemies as they, as the name implies, rushes down the player regardless of situation.

Leader Edit

These enemies are almost always elites. They appear in all the missions and some areas around Manhattan. The Leaders are usually heavily armed and have high amounts of armor. Examples are Hutch and Hornet.

Assault Edit

This archetype is the most common enemy found around the map. Although they may be weak, they can deal high damage when in large groups.

Controller Edit

These enemies can only be found in the LMB and Cleaner faction. Controllers place turrets then run up to the player with their shotgun. An EMP can disable a controller's ability to place a turret. Controllers will also deploy drones, similar to the Airburst seeker mine.

Heavy Weapons Edit

Enemies that are the Heavy Weapons archtype wield Light Machine Guns and can dish out heavy damage when not in cover. All the factions' Heavy Weapons have a weak spot on their back, their ammo pack. With enough damage dealt to it, it will explode, dealing high damage to the enemy, as well as anyone behind the enemy.

Mech Edit

This enemy archetype is dedicated to a small, deployable auto-turret. It only appears in the Cleaner and LMB factions, as they are the only factions with Controllers. These turrets will continuously fire in bursts at the player when they are in its direct line of sight. An EMP can disable a turret temporarily, and if the turret's owner is killed before the turret itself, the turret will fire on anyone, enemies and players alike, for a short time before self-destructing.

Scout Edit

This enemy archetype has no icon. It is said that they stealthily sneek up on the player and rush them with shotguns. It is unknown if it is in the game or not.

Sniper Edit

The Sniper wields a sniper rifle that can deal heavy damage if they manage to get a headshot. Avoiding their shot are really easy, as there is a flash of light before they fire. Snipers can cause the player to get the effect Blind-Deaf if they use their green laser. Usually, snipers with lasers are from elites. In close quarters, they will pull out a weak handgun and fire at the player. They can be easily neutralized after this.

Support Edit

The only faction with the support type is the LMB. The support archetype places down many support stations at once. These enemies are a nuisance as they can heal allies after the player damages them. To counter this, take them out quickly before they can put down a support station and heal.

Tank Edit

The Tank is a enemy that can absorb tons of damage. The Tank usually is armored. Tanks can take out players quickly if they close to them. Their weak spot is the same with Heavy Weapons, the backpack.

Thrower Edit

Throwers throw grenades, hence the name. Throwers throw a variety of grenades, such as incendiary and frag grenades. The place they will throw will be outlined in red and can be easily seen and dodged. LMB throwers use grenade launchers instead of traditional grenades, lending them a larger "throwing" radius than other factions.

Special Edit

Special enemies are always Rogue Agents. They will appear on most missions that are on Challenging difficulty. They are usually armored and can be a especially dangerous when it is a named elite. Named Special elites can hack turrets and deploy seeker mines, as displayed by Hornet in the Russian Consulate mission.

Other Edit

Hunters Edit

Hunters have their own icon. They only appear in Survival. Hunters use combat rolls and medkits, similar to the player. They can also use a variety of skills, such as seeker mines, turrets, support stations, and sticky bomb launchers. Hunters can also hack turrets, like the Rogue First Wave Agents. Though Hunters are elite, they don't have armor.

Drone Edit

Drones are flying LMB units. They are found only in the incursion Falcon Lost. Drones come in two variants. One variant fires bullets, identified by its red targeting laser. The other drone variant fires shock darts, identified by the blue targeting laser.

APC Edit

The APC is a elite LMB unit in the incursion Falcon Lost. The APC does not take damage from small-arms weapons (Assault rifles, light machine guns, shotguns, etc.). It can only be destroyed by explosives.

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