"Well blessed their little hearts. I want them in pieces all over this place, you hear me? All units, requesting reinforcements! Division agents' got a lesson coming that's way overdue, over!"
— Captain Perez

Falcon Lost is an Incursion in The Division. A Joint Task Force squad uncovered a splinter of the Last Man Battalion inside a water treatment plant armed with a fully functional Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). A squad of agents must work together to battle through waves of vengeful LMB forces and destroy the heavily defended APC before either the LMB brings it topside to wreak havor or the federal government cuts its losses and bombs the plant.

Walkthrough Edit

"Lighthouse! Come in, Lighthouse! This is Falcon Two! We're pinned down! We're losing people! Requesting extraction immediately! For Chrissakes, get us out of here! "
JTF Soldier

The Falcon Lost incursion will require the agents to repel multiple waves of LMB troops. The enemies are the special Tier 2 variants, including Flashbang equipped Riflemen, and Shock Grenade Scouts.

Falcon Lost - First Encounter

Once the players start the incursion, they will head down a ladder and move through the sewers. On the way they will encounter two LMB Scouts inspecting a dead JTF soldier. If the players move further down, they will encounter drones and Riflemen. It is entirely possible to avoid fighting them and run all the way to the main part of the incursion.

Once the players reach the main part of the incursion, they will be facing 15 waves of LMB. If every player is taken out, the group will be taken back to the last checkpoint.

The majority of the incursion has the players fighting in a certain area of the map with many vantage points to fight from. On the left side is an area covered by a catwalk which is untouchable by the APC's mortars. However, this puts the players right next to one of the enemy spawn points. The top right area provides ample cover, but it also puts the players near an enemy spawn point. A more common area is the central pit, where enemies rarely assault. However, cover is only available on the left side, and the APC can barrage the right and center of the pit.

The APC will fire its grenade launcher roughly every 15 seconds. Those caught in the initial blast will suffer considerable damage. Like a Seeker Mine, there are secondary explosions which blind and burn the players. The Final Measure 4 piece bonus can be used to "defuse" the mortar strikes, so consider having someone on the team wear the gear set.

Each wave will consist of different enemy archetypes.

  • Waves 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, and 14 will have Scouts.
  • Waves 3, 7, 8, 12, 14, and 15 will have Drones, both standard and shock.
  • Starting from wave 6, Agents will begin to spawn.
  • Starting on wave 9, Gunners will appear.
  • From wave 12, Medics will also appear.
"We're gonna need more than guns to take that APC out. See if there's any explosives in the area."
Faye Lau

Bombs will be carried by a different enemy on different waves:

  • Wave 4: Rifleman (Spawns at the left side area)
  • Wave 8: Sniper (Spawns at the far right balcony. This is within range of the turrets.)
  • Wave 11: Gunner (Spawns at the top right area)
  • Wave 15: Agent (Spawns at the middle left area, near the left turret panel)
LMB APC - Side view
Once the bomb carrier has been eliminated, the bomb will drop and be ready to be picked up and planted by a player. Note that if most of the enemies in the wave have been killed, another wave will start to spawn in.

The APC has two turrets covering it, which will stagger the players and make it harder to move into position. Each turret has a control panel which can be used to disable them temporarily. Once the bomb is planted, the players will have 5 seconds to move away before it detonates. Afterwards, the APC will launch a barrage of missiles.

If a player dies during this phase, they can still respawn if the rest of the team survives. When the next wave spawns, the players will reach a checkpoint, saving the group's progress in case the team wipes.

Item Drops and Rewards Edit

Falcon Lost’s APC boss drops chest pieces, backpacks, and holsters for gear sets. Weekly rewards will be weighted towards Gloves and Mask pieces. The weekly reward depends on the difficulty of the Incursion. Challenging on World Tier 5 gives the player Gear Score 256 items.

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Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Update 1.4, the incursion required that the players did not wipe, or they would have to restart from Wave 1.
  • Despite being a vehicle, the APC remains stationary. This is possibly due to the lack of space available inside the plant.
  • The turrets in this incursion are different from those encountered elsewhere, as they faster and cannot be permanently disabled.
  • The APC design is most likely based of the designs of the Textron TAPV