"Heals all allies within a small radius. The device can be used on location or launched to a distant target."
— Base skill description

First Aid is a Medical Medical skill in Tom Clancy's The Division. First Aid focuses on providing players with a source of healing health in addition to Medkits.

Unlocked: Medical Wing - Clinic

All mods require Medical Wing upgrade - Intensive Care

Mod 1: Defibrillator Edit

Applies instant healing followed by a heal over time. The device can revive downed allies with a portion of their normal health.

  • Increased Ally Heal
  • Reduced Self Heal
  • Increased healing radius
  • Heal value is split into two, as an instant heal, followed by a heal over time for 10 seconds.
  • Decreased Cooldown time

Mod 2: Overdose Edit

The device heals targets more efficiently, and may even extend the target's health beyond its normal rating.

  • Reduced Ally Heal
  • Increased Self Heal
  • Reduced healing radius
  • Provides an Overheal to players, increasing up to 150% of total effective health.
  • Increased Cooldown time

Mod 3: Booster Shot Edit

Temporarily increases the damage for affected targets in addition to the normal healing effect.

  • Reduced Ally Heal
  • Reduced Self Heal
  • Adds 15% damage bonus and damage resistance

Master: Extended Service Edit

Extends the duration of the effect, giving allies more time to approach the device.

  • Healing area will remain for 5 seconds.

*Note that all skill masteries are in addition to other mods.

Base values for the skill at 30 Edit

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Base: First Aid Mod: Defibrillator Mod: Overdose Mod: Booster Shot
Self Heal 15,420 HP 27,427 16,448 HP
Ally Heal 27,427 HP 15,420 HP 16,448 HP
Range 3.0 m 3.50 m 2.0 m 3.0 m
Deploy Range 40.0 m 40.0 m 40.0 m 40.0 m
Cooldown 77.80 s 95.10 s 86.40 s


  • First Aid is the perfect skill to equip if one wishes to ration out their Medkits or it can be fired at downed teammates to avoid undergoing a manual revive.
  • Equipping Booster shot will give any effected player a damage buff along with the normal healing effect aside from healing this could help out against pesky chargers or Elite enemies.
  • Unlocking the Master skill allows the healing bubble to stay in effect for a few seconds meaning it can serve as a quick support station before disappearing.
  • Using First Aid will also remove any Status Effects (Bleeding, On Fire, etc.) that the player is being affected by.


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