In Tom Clancy's The Division, agents can wear various types of gear that improve their abilities and stats and change their appearance. There are six gear type slots:

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Gear and Weapons are essential parts of the gameplay. Every piece of Gear and every weapon has different properties that can affect your play style. Like weapons, the Gear ranges from Worn to High-End and the rarer Exotic. Worn-Superior are dropped in relation to the player's level. Low level players will receive Worn or Standard, mid levels will usually receive Standard or Specialized, and levels 25-30 will usually get Specialized to Superior. There are small chances that Worn and Standard items will drop as well. High-End and Gear Set items may be obtained from crafting, purchasing through vendors, or looting from enemies.

Gear pieces provide mostly Armor (ARM), which is a Damage received modifier. The higher the ARM, the bigger the multiplier and thus the less DMG the player receives. However, ARM is not always the main focus. Along with ARM, there is also Firearms (DPS), Stamina (Toughness), and Electronics (Skill Power). While a Gear piece may have 150 ARM, another will have 100 ARM but it will increase Stamina by 250 points. Gear Mods also add gear talents, points to DPS, HP, and Skill as well as other perks. Players who enjoy using the Turret or Seeker Mine abilities would benefit from high Electronics stats, as the cool down and effectiveness will be enhanced greatly.

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"*" denotes that the gear item is downloadable/special content.

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