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"Bliss is your primary objective, but we believe Keener and the Russian are still in the building as well. I've tasked JTF squads to search for them, but if you see them, don't hesitate."
Faye Lau

General Assembly is the penultimate story mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Charles Bliss and the rest of the Last Man Battalion are making a last stand at UN headquarters. Secure the building, deal with Bliss, and rescue Vitaly Tchernenko.

The mission involves 3 boss encounters. The final encounter being against Charles Bliss in an attack helicopter. The final encounter involves a range of mechanics, with the interplay of the turrets that were shut down earlier in the mission. The helicopter will focus on the turrets to destroy them once activated. The turrets will inflict serious damage on the helicopter's armor and help eliminate hostile reinforcements. Once the helicopters armor is destroyed, normal weapons can also be used to destroy the helicopter.

The helicopter has a variety of attacks, which include a rocket barrage, mini-gun, and flares to blind and disorient players.

Once the player does enough damage to the helicopter, it will catch on fire and crash.

Trivia Edit

  • If the Player moves towards the tunnel entrance but then stops and faces back towards the gate entrance, they will see a LMB Helicopter take off and fly away from the compound and head into the city (don't bother trying to engage it as it is well out of range). Judging by the radio chatter midway through the mission, it is most likely that this chopper isn't carrying Col. Bliss, but rather Aaron Keener and his hostage Vitaly Tchernenko, which explains the Echo encountered later in the mission.

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