High-End Gear Talents are talents that are built into pieces of High End gear, as the name implies.

These talents are built in and do not require any level of Stamina, Firearms or Electronics to be active.

It should be noted that the effects of these talents are consistent regardless of Gear Score, meaning a level 30 High End with the talent will have the same effect as a Level 34 High End with the same talent.

Talents by Type of Equipment Edit

Masks: Edit

  • Enduring: While in the last health segment, health continuously regenerates to fill up the segment.
  • Refreshed: When your health is in the last segment, all your healing is improved by 30%.
  • Rejuvenated: Consuming a medkit increases all resistances by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • Tenacious: Using a Medkit increases your damage by 9.5% for x seconds. (x is also RNG based)
  • Rehabilitated: Heals 2% every second during Status Effects.
  • Ferro's Oxygen Mask: User can run and shoot their weapon while burning. (Unique to Ferro's Oxygen Mask.)

Body Armor Edit

  • Reckless: Deal 8% more damage but take 10% more damage.
  • Robust: Gain 10% armor while staying in cover.
  • Rapid: Cooldown of healing skills reduced by 15%.
  • Vigorous: All your healing skills have Overheal enabled.
  • Forceful: Increase Armor by 15% while the user's Signature Skill is active.
  • Barrett's Bulletproof: No skills on cooldown increases Skill Power by 10%. With 1 skill on cooldown, increase damage by 5%. Both skills on cooldown increases armor by 10%. (Unique to Barrett's Bulletproof Vest.)

Backpacks Edit

  • Technical: Increase Skill Power by 15% while the Signature Skill is active.
  • Inventive: Your Skill Power is increased by 15% while you are at full health.
  • Relentless: 5% of the damage dealt by skills is returned as healing.
  • Resourceful: All healing applied to you is also applied to your skill objects.
  • Specialized: Adds 200% of Firearms and Stamina to Skill Power.
  • NinjaBike Messenger Bag: Slots with any equipped Gear Set item to fufill a requirement towards unlocking a Gear Set bonus. Can unlock bonuses from multiple sets simultaneously. Cannot unlock Classified Gear Set bonuses. (Unique to the NinjaBike messenger bag.)

Gloves Edit

  • Savage: Critical hit chance is increased by 7% when target is out of cover.
  • Cunning: After reloading, your next shot has a 9.5% higher critical hit chance.
  • Decisive: Headshots with the sidearm deal 35% more damage.
  • Astute: The first 3 bullets of your magazine have a 5% higher chance to deal a critical hit.
  • Skulls MC gloves: Damage is increased by 16% with no Gear Set bonuses active. (Unique to Skulls MC Gloves.)

Holsters Edit

  • Recovered: Damage taken while doing a cover to cover maneuver is regenerated over 5 seconds upon reaching your destination.
  • Nimble: After completing a cover to cover move in combat, you heal 2% of your max Health for every 1 meter run.
  • Steadfast: Health regeneration kicks in twice as fast while in cover.
  • Sturdy: Increase Armor by 15% when staying more than 4 seconds in the same cover.
  • Colonel Bliss' holster: Hitting a target consecutively with a sidearm increases your weapon damage by 2% for 20 seconds. This effect stacks until 10 shots, after which the stack is consumed and triggers an EMP effect. (Unique to Colonel Bliss's holster.)

Knee Pads Edit

  • Accomplished: Rewards from Accolades are tripled.
  • Prosperous: Headshot kills grant you credits.
  • Perceptive: Your Item find and Gold find bonuses are increased by x%.
  • Shortbow Championship pads: the fuse time on grenades is reduced to 0.20 seconds. (Unique to Shortbow Championship pads.)

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