• Adjustable Holster
  • Corrections Holster
  • Cut-resistant Holster
  • Guard Holster
  • Heavy Duty Holster
  • Hunting Holster
  • Light Holster
  • Mechanical Holster
  • Protective Holster
  • Safety Holster

Possible attributes Edit

Major Attributes Edit

Standard (0) Specialized (1) Superior (2) High-end (1/2) Attribute
+ + +x% Protection from Elites
+ + + +x Armor
+ + + +x% Skill Haste
+ + + +x Pistol Damage
+ + + + 1 Gear Mod Slot

Note: High-end Holsters can have all 3 stats on them, which take up 1 attribute slot.

Skill attributes Edit

Note: all skill attributes are available on all gear qualities.

Possible talentsEdit

  • Recovered: Damage taken while doing a cover to cover maneuver is regenerated over 5 seconds upon reaching your destination.
  • Nimble: Heal 2% of max Health for every 1 meter run in cover-to-cover during combat.
  • Steadfast: While in cover, health regeneration kicks in twice as fast.
  • Sturdy: Your armor is increased by 12.5% when you stay more than y seconds in the same cover.

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