ISAC (Intelligent System Analytic Computer) is a computer or digital assistant that is used by the player, it is used for things like creating ECHO holograms and other such items. It communicates to the player through a computerized voice.

ISAC gives the the player information about the world around them and sometimes about the player themselves. Informing the agent that they are entering the Dark Zone, or that they are getting cold.

Quotes Edit

"Transmissions jammed, proximity coverage only. Backup activated. System rebooted" -when entering Dark Zone.

"Warning, now entering Dark Zone" -when entering dark zone

"Caution, entering Dark Zone" -when entering dark zone.

"Agent on your team is down, requires assistance" -when an agent goes down.

"Agent on your team requires aid immediately" -when an agent goes down.

"Warning, heavily armored hostile approaching" -when a high value target enters the area.

"You have disavowed the Division, you are now marked as rogue" -when player goes rogue.

"You have disavowed Division affiliation. This action will mark you as rogue." -when player goes rogue.

"An agent on your team has disavowed the Division, you are now marked as rogue" -when another agent on the team goes rogue.

"Warning, readings indicate this area is contaminated" -when the agent enters a contaminated zone.

"Biohazard warning, entering contaminated zone" -when the agent enters a contaminated zone.

"You are now leaving the contaminated area" -when the agent leaves the contaminated zone.

"Readings indicate this area is safe" -when the player enters a safe zone.

"Warning, you are now leaving the safe area" -when the player leaves the safe area.

"Core temperature dropping. Threat of hypothermia increased." - when the Player leaves either a heat source, shelter or a hideout in Survival

"Alert, Shade technology detected. Syncing with Shade Technology." - when the Player picks up the items dropped from Hornet at the end of the mission Russian Consulate.

"Warning: High Carbon dioxide levels in the air" In the mission Broadway Emporium

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