ISAC (Intelligent System Analytic Computer), pronounced like the name "Isaac" as a verbal shorthand, is a highly advanced AI system available to all active Division agents, accessible through their SHD technology. The system serves as a critical backbone for all Division activities, providing key services to an agent such as communications, real-time analytics, remote data collection and retrival, interactions with assorted technologies, biometrics, and many others. It can even go as far as reconstructing the events of a scene by using ambient data gathering to generate an ECHO hologram of the event. It communicates to the player through a computerized voice with short, clipped phrases. When not speaking with other characters, ISAC is an agent's go-to source for information at any time.

Quotes Edit

"Transmissions jammed, proximity coverage only. Backup activated. System rebooted" -when entering Dark Zone.

"Warning, now entering Dark Zone" -when entering dark zone

"Caution, entering Dark Zone" -when entering dark zone.

"Agent on your team is down, requires assistance" -when an agent goes down.

"Agent on your team requires aid immediately" -when an agent goes down.

"Warning, heavily armored hostile approaching" -when a high value target enters the area.

"You have disavowed the Division, you are now marked as rogue" -when player goes rogue.

"You have disavowed Division affiliation. This action will mark you as rogue." -when player goes rogue.

"An agent on your team has disavowed the Division, you are now marked as rogue" -when another agent on the team goes rogue.

"Warning, readings indicate this area is contaminated" -when the agent enters a contaminated zone.

"Biohazard warning, entering contaminated zone" -when the agent enters a contaminated zone.

"You are now leaving the contaminated area" -when the agent leaves the contaminated zone.

"Readings indicate this area is safe" -when the player enters a safe zone.

"Warning, you are now leaving the safe area" -when the player leaves the safe area.

"Core temperature dropping. Threat of hypothermia increased." - when the Player leaves either a heat source, shelter or a hideout in Survival

"Alert, Shade technology detected. Syncing with Shade Technology." - when the Player picks up the items dropped from Hornet at the end of the mission Russian Consulate.

"Warning: High Carbon dioxide levels in the air" In the mission Broadway Emporium

"Warning: Counter-measures detected. Establishing.... Warning: Network privileges revoked" - After the terminal that the Player activated in the Server Room in the Russian Consulate is jammed by Hornet.

"Alert/Warning: Hostiles Approaching" - said on multiple missions when enemy reinforcements arrive to engage the Player.

"No signs of viral contamination" - said when scanning money jars/cash registers in Broadway Emporium.

"Alert: Viral contamination confirmed" - said when finding the tainted dollar bills, also in Broadway Emporium.

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