Last Name: Norton

First Name: Jerome

Age: 28

Place of Birth: Staten Island, New York

Former Job: Plumber

Place of Residence: Staten Island, New York

Blood Type: B+

Religion: Catholic

Psychological Profile

- Father was a first responder who died on 9/11. Enlisted in USMC 3 years later. Aced sniper school & was award Silver Star for his service in Iran. Was wounded in line of duty twice, but returned to the field quickly.

- had a rough transition to civilian life: 2 arrests for drunk and disorderly after returning to the States. Got his break when a family member got him into a Plumbers' union apprenticeship; has been working on city projects ever since. Gave up alcohol when he started the job.

- Clearly misses the camaraderie of military service. Claims not to miss the action but this seems dubious.

- Has a strong sense of right and wrong, with little room for moral complexity. Believes in honor and duty, but may struggle with situational flexibility.

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