"Extreme heat destroys DNA; over 200°F the covalent bonds break down and the double helix starts unzipping like a cheap prom dress."
— Jessica Kandel

Dr. Jessica Kandel is a virologist working with the Joint Task Force (JTF) at the Base of Operations to find a cure and establish a vaccine to the Green Poison strain of the virus.

Personal Notes Edit

Kandel’s intellectual curiosity is prodigious. After graduating at the top of her class at both MIT and Hopkins, Kandel spent five years in a CDC fellowship before acceding to the recruitment efforts of a gen-tech start-up in New York.

From classical music to art and basketball, Kandel loves many things, but loves the thrill of solving a puzzle the most. Widely known by her peers as a puzzle-solver, she’s never backed down from a new challenge thrown her way.

Her drive, confidence, and intellect, though excellent, can be intimidating to others; and although she remains humble about her abilities, she doesn’t have time for your pride—she has breakthroughs to discover.

After her mother died of pancreatic cancer when she was nine, her father raised her on the Upper West Side. She, in turn, helped care for her younger twin brothers, although this often proved a struggle, given Kandel’s predilection for her studies and solving the next puzzle, the next challenge. Her pursuit of conquests outside of her personal life isolated Kandel from those closest to her and, later in life, led to the dissolution of her marriage. It is with a twinge of irony, then, that she finally began to come to terms with her divorce only when the Green Poison struck New York. Jessica & her wife, Alexis Kwan got divorced a few months before the "Green Poison Virus".

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