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Overview Edit

The LVOA-C is an Assault Rifle appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Real World Weapon Edit

  • The LVOA-C is developed by WarSport Industries.
  • The LVOA-C is a carbine built on the AR-15 frame.
  • The LVOA-C handgard extends to the muzzle with cutouts so a muzzle brake can still be used.

Variants. Edit

  • LVOA-C
  • LVOA-S (Found in data files, Not currently implemented ingame)

Notes Edit

Functionally, the LVOA-C is almost a mirror-image of the M4 rifles, the only difference being that it cannot use the large rifle silencers, and it has significantly improved handling, with very little horizontal drift under sustained automatic fire, and can be controlled fairly easily throughout the firing of a full standard magazine, however it will pull upwards fairly hard towards the end of a high-capacity magazine.

Unfortunately, it appears to be a fairly high-level rifle, and does not start showing up until the mid twenties. The blueprint to craft a Superior model is rewarded for finishing all of the encounters and side missions up through Midtown East, There is not yet a blueprint to craft a High-End model as of patch 1.1.

Gallery Edit

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