"Freedom is not a right. Liberty is not a given. This city needs an iron fist to restore order. There shall be no resistance. No matter who stands in our way."
— Charles Bliss (leader of the Last Man Battalion)

The Last Man Battalion, often referred to as LMB, is a private military company led by Charles Bliss. The LMB was hired by prestigious Wall Street companies to protect valuable papers during the outbreak, but were abandoned when the crisis worsened. Now they aim to retake New York and establish a new world order by force. Compared to the other factions, they employ far more specialists with more advanced gear, and their positions are more heavily fortified.

The Last Man Battalion is in alliance with Aaron Keener and his rogue agents. They were behind the attack on The Division's commander and several LMB captains are rogue agents themselves. Despite being allied with the rogue 1st wave agents, the Last Man Battalion is the 2nd strongest faction in the game after the Strategic Homeland Division.

After the death of Charles Bliss and all of his commanding officials, the LMB collapses and the remaining members scatter around the city and no longer pose any threat to the citizen and JTF.

Intelligence Brief Edit


LMB Intelligence Brief


Last Man Battalion soldiers

Worn and battle-weary, the LMB were none too pleased being recalled from overseas and diverted to Manhattan. With their requests for transfer gone unheeded and extraction not an option, this unit has become trapped far from home in the worst area of the epidemic. Tired of indecisive local authorities, their commander, Charles Bliss, took matters into his own hands, disobeying direct orders by executing a JTF official—effectively turning his entire company and himself into mutineers.

Convinced not just the city, but the nation, will collapse under the hopeless burden of this virus, this unit has no allegiance to anyone but themselves. The LMB will use any and all means necessary to make sure they make it through the storm, and use their newly formed nation to usher in a new world order where only the strong will survive.

Known LMB Squads Edit

  • Sniper Squad
  • Komodo Squad
  • Cougar Squad
  • Cheetah Squad
  • Harrier Squad
  • Grizzly Squad
  • Hawk Squad
  • Horse Squad
  • Lima Squad
  • Javelin Squad
  • Healer
  • Flowers
  • Devil Squad
  • Lion Squad
  • Papa Squad
  • Whisky Squad
  • Raptor Squad (Intel File)
  • Vulcan Squad (Intel File)
  • Quarterback Squad (Intel File)
  • Reptiles Squad
  • Golf Squad
  • Jaguar Squad
  • Panther Squad
  • The Gunner
  • Goshawk squad
  • Mike Squad
  • Kilo Squad
  • Hunter Squad
  • Eagle Squad
  • Blades
  • X-Ray Squad
  • Sierra Squad
  • Hit Squad
  • Peregrine Squad
  • Falcon Squad
  • Viper squad (Grand Central station)
  • Coyote squad (Russian Consulate mission)
  • Oscar Squad

Gameplay Edit

The LMB are some of the toughest AI enemies that the player will encounter in Manhattan. Their ranks can range from Lvl 20-30, and above 31 in the Dark Zone. Engaging groups of LMB soldiers on the same level, or higher than the player is not recommended unless the player is accompanied by group members, as they will be able to make short work of the player.

Snipers will act like any other sniper unit, staying back and attempting to pick the player off from a distance. Some Snipers have an under barrel-mounted laser/strobe device that can blind the player during engagements. They also throw shock mines that will stun the player if tripped. Unlike snipers from other factions, LMB snipers are outfitted with sub-machine guns instead of pistols for use at close range.

Riflemen use assault rifles and flashbang or stun grenades to assault the player. These are the most common LMB soldier encountered. A common tactic used by Riflemen is to flank the players while they are distracted by other LMB soldiers.

Scouts will run up as close to the player as possible, like the Rikers, and use a semi-automatic shotgun. When playing on Hard or Challenging, or if too low in level, multiple Scouts can easily wipe out teams of Agents.

Gunners act like other AI heavy gunners, they normally have heavy armor, and can sometimes be seen using riot shields. LMB Gunners are the only Heavy-type enemy to appear as regular enemies, rather than only as Veteran (purple) or Named Elite (gold) rank enemies.

Grenadiers will use a grenade launcher, instead of hand grenades, which allows them to fire multiple grenades at a time instead of one like other enemies will do.

Engineers will deploy turrets that are much stronger than those of the Cleaners, and will repair them when damaged.

Medics will deploy support stations to heal nearby LMB soldiers, as well as themselves, and move to repair their stations once they are damaged. On Hard or Challenging difficulty, Medics should be primary targets if no Scouts are present. Their support stations will constantly heal all LMB soldiers, and if there is even one Medic left, they will repair the damaged station or place down another one if destroyed.

The LMB, due to their connection with Aaron Keener, is also known for having rogue First Wave agents at their disposal, capable of using similar tech and abilities as the agents that fight against the Battalion, such as turrets, seeker mines, and the likes. They are also capable of hacking any Second Wave agents' equipment such as their own turrets, and mines, to the LMB's advantage.

Final Boss Edit

The final boss fight is fought at the United Nations building. The player must fight the LMB leader, Charles Bliss, who uses an UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopter armed with miniguns and rocket pods.

In order to do sufficient damage to Bliss, the player must manually activate the six turrets encountered earlier that are spread around the courtyard. The turrets will begin firing at the helicopter, but after about 10–15 seconds of fire Bliss will destroy the turret with rockets. The helicopter will fire its miniguns at the player, which will put the player in a bleed-out state in a matter of seconds. The helicopter will also use its rocket pods to target a player and barrage the area they are in, acting much like Grenadiers. Once the bosses armor bar is at about half, LMB soldiers will begin pouring out of the UN building to engage the player; these will normally consist of Riflemen and Scouts, but can include Medics as well.

After the helicopter is damaged to the point of its health being below 25%, it will catch on fire. Upon the health bar reaching 0%, the helicopter will crash into the nearby building to the south of the courtyard, killing Bliss on impact. After the remaining LMB soldiers are killed four items of superior rarity will drop around the helicopter crash site.

Until Update 1.1, this boss fight marked the last "major" boss fight in the game, but now that title belongs to the APC in Falcon Lost.

Enemy Types Edit

For details containing LMB 3, see Legendary Difficulty.
  • Rifleman - Armed with M4s (Normal) and P416s (Harder Difficulties).
    • Special variants encountered in Missions and the Dark Zone (recognizable by their black helmets and gas masks) may carry P416s (standard) or ACRs (Veteran/Elite) and Flashbang Grenades. Elite Special Variants instead have flashbangs as incendiary grenades (White phosphorus).
  • Grenadier - Armed with M4s (Normal) or P416s (Veteran/Elite ranks) and a MGL Grenade Launcher.
  • Scout - Armed with M4s (Normal difficulties) or P416s (Veterans/Elites) on long distances while rushing and will switch to M870 shotguns (Normal Difficulty) or SASG-12s (Veterans/Elites) when they get close. They have less health and (if Veteran/Elite rank) armor compared to regular LMB soldiers.
    • Special variants encountered in Missions and the Dark Zone (recognizable by their white hazmat hoods and gas masks) use SASG-12 shotguns and may use Shock Grenades.
  • Sniper - Female LMB soldiers armed with SRS A1 Covert sniper rifles equipped with a M9 (Normal) or M1911 (Veteran/Elite) for close-range. They also deploy claymores. They have less health and (if Veteran/Elite rank) armor compared to regular LMB soldiers.
    • Special variants encounter can deploy shock mines, MP5s for close-range, and use Dazzler blinding lasers.
  • Engineer - Armed with P416s and Turrets stronger than those of the Cleaners and will repair them when damaged. Can be found using a Military M870 Shotguns during some missions.
    • On Legendary mission , (Specialist ) Engineers only using Millitary M870 ,bring tougher turret and can deploy mutiple turret at the same time
    • On Resistance , (Specialist )Engineer can use special ammunition (Fire bullet , Shock bullet) and also their turret can fire special ammunition
  • Medic - Armed with M4s or AUGs and will run up to other LMB soldiers to heal them.
    • Special variants wearing a green skullcap and a gas mask will deploy healing stations.
  • Gunner - Armed with M249 B or M60 LMGs, with twice as much armor and health as normal LMB soldiers.
    • A special "mini-boss" variant is much larger, more heavily armored (comparable to Riker Guards), and uses a Tactical Shield to move while armed with a M9 pistol; they will plant their Tactical Shield to use as cover and fire their LMG from a fixed position. Both variants have a backpack that holds a red ammo box; a weak spot that, if shot, will start a spray of bullets causing them damage and distracting them as well as potentially damaging players and NPCs nearby. Some shielded gunners will have Police T821 SMG instead of a M9 Pistol while moving.
  • Squad Leader - Armed with P416s firing in a semi-automatic fashion and Flashbangs, with more health and armor than a standard LMB soldier. Squad Leaders can buff their allies, to deal more damage against players. Can be identified by their lack of helmets and red bandanas. Typically only encountered in Dark Zone 5 and 6, or in Challenging difficulty.
    • On Challenging or higher difficulties, they will throw an Flashbang grenade that also acts as an incendiary grenade.
    • On legendary missions, Resistance, and in West Side Pier, (specialist) Squad leaders use fully-automatic P416s dealing huge amount of damage to the player, with a chance to put the player on bleed effect.
  • Agent - Rogue First Wave Division Agents encountered in a few Missions and in the higher Dark Zones (5 and 6) as Bosses, and also as regular Elites on Challenging as well as accompanying Bosses in the higher Dark Zone. They have more health and armor than other regular soldiers of equivalent rank, and are armed with ACRs, AUGs, or SASG-12s, and can deploy Seeker Mines and Turrets including EMP Grenades. They can also signal hack your own gadgets to work for them.
    • Special variants appearing in High-Value Targets are armed with a Black Market AK-74, and can use Sticky Bombs and First Aid.
  • Helicopter (Boss only) - Armed with a minigun and rocket pods. Can deploy flares to blind players.
  • APC (Boss only) - Armed with a grenade launcher and a rocket barrage. Also armed with a turret similar to emplaced ones.
  • Drones - Locks on to player with a laser pointer. There are two types. One of the types is armed with a machine gun and can be identified by red laser, the other type is armed with a turret that fires shock darts, which is identified by blue laser. The drones only appears in Falcon Lost and the Resistance game mode.

Attachments: All LMB Veteran Riflemen and Special Riflemen, Heavy Gunners, Grenadiers, Scouts, Engineers, and Veteran Medics have 552 holosights on their P416s, ACRs, M249Bs, M60s, and AUGs while LMB while Tier 1 and Tier 2 Elites have PEQ-15 laser sights and different optics. Russian red dot sights on SASG-12s are very common with Veteran Scouts. Elite Tier 1 Riflemen, Scouts, Grenadiers, Engineers, and Medics have reflex sights. Elite Tier 1 Gunners instead have ACOG scopes on their M60s. Tier 2 Elite Riflemen have Silencers, PEQ-15 Laser sights, and ACOG scopes. Tier 2 Elite Scouts only have 552 holosights and PEQ-15 laser sights. Tier 2 Elite Medics only have ACOG scopes and PEQ-15 laser sights. Tier 2 gunners and Squad Leaders appear to have a custom digital sight. First wave Agents have ACOGs, PEQ-15s, Suppressors, Reflex sights, Russian Red dots, and Holosights.

Quotes Edit

Tier 1Edit

  • Contact! Contact! - Engaging LMB
  • What? You really think you can take us? - Engaging LMB
  • Mutiple Tangos inbound ! - Engaging LMB
  • Engaging enemy Foot-mobile - Engaging LMB
  • I'm engaging - Engaging LMB
  • This is LMB territory!
  • Clear out the AO!
  • JTF assholes!
  • Get that AO under control!
  • By the books people!
  • Plenty of targets people!
  • Don't get cocky!
  • Fire on target!
  • I can do this all day!
  • Do this by the numbers!
  • Keep it tight!
  • Maintain pressure!
  • Okay c'mon let's go!
  • Waste them all !
  • You have no idea who you're messing with!
  • We can do this all day asshole!
  • Grenade! It's gonna blow! - Grenade in proximity
  • It's only one of them! - Player alone
  • Gotta leave cover sometime! - Player in cover
  • Why you all scare over there! - Player in cover
  • I'm low! Gotta reload! - Reloading
  • Reloading! Cover fire! - Reloading
  • Give me cover fire, I'm reloading! - Reloading
  • I see a man down! - LMB soldier dies
  • Oh shit! - LMB soldier dies
  • Man down! - LMB soldier dies
  • Jacob's down! - LMB soldier dies
  • They got Dylan! - LMB soldier dies
  • Hunters is down! - LMB soldier dies
  • Oh ,c'mon! - LMB solider dies
  • She's gone! Keep it forward! - Sniper dies
  • It's almost over! Keep shooting! - Player at low health
  • Just the two of us! - Surprised up close
  • Ah! I'm gonna put a round in your ass! - Surprised up close
  • Come get some! - Surprised up close
  • End of the line! - Surprised up close
  • See you in hell! - Surprised up close

  • Maintain pressure! Now!
  • You can't stop the LMB!
  • We can do this all day asshole!
  • C'mon, make it easy on yourself!
  • Tossing frags! - Throwing grenades
  • Multiple frags out! Heads down! - Throwing grenades
  • Frags are out! - Throwing grenades
  • Whatcha hiding for?! - Player in cover
  • You're on the wrong side!
  • Don't you wanna serve your country?!
  • Goddamnit! They got Allan! - LMB soldier dies
  • Michaels is down! - LMB soldier dies
  • Get away! - Surprised up close
  • Whoa who the fuck are you!? - Surprised up close

  • Tango spotted. - Engaging LMB
  • Right there! - Engaging LMB
  • Heads up, we got us an intruder! - Engaging LMB
  • Over there!
  • I'm engaging!
  • Take down that intruder!
  • Hey where's your backup?
  • Come get some you JTF fucks!
  • Gotta secure this damn AO!
  • Target's in cover! - Player in cover
  • Can't hide forever! -Player in cover
  • Force their asses out! - Player in cover
  • We have to force 'em outta there! - Player in cover
  • Tango's outta cover! - Player out of cover
  • Easy target!
  • Shoot the head, stupid!
  • You can still run ya know!
  • No runner!
  • There's no way out!
  • You don't know who you're messing with!
  • Reloading! - Reloading
  • Reloading now! - Reloading
  • Maintain fire, target's wounded! - Player at low health
  • Target's been hit! - Player at low health
  • Target's almost down! - Player at low health
  • They dropped one of ours! - LMB soldier dies
  • Oh fuck! - LMB soldier dies
  • That's one of ours! - LMB soldier dies
  • Man down! - LMB soldier dies
  • We lost a friendly! - LMB soldier dies

  • We got some friends. - Engaging LMB
  • We got contact! - Engaging LMB
  • Here comes trouble!
  • Tango's taking cover! - Player in cover
  • Engaging target!
  • Lead your target!
  • Shot's lined up!
  • Shoot to kill!
  • They tagged one of ours! - LMB soldier dies
  • Williams is gone. - LMB soldier dies
  • Alice is hit! -LMB Sniper dies
  • JTF pieces of shit!
  • Y'all got nothin!
  • Aw hell! - Taking damage/ player rushing position
  • Stand down fucker! - Surprised up close

  • Turret deployed! - Deploying turret
  • Arming the turret! - Deploying turret
  • I'm deploying the turret! - Deploying turret
  • Fuck them up!
  • Just give it up!
  • They can't fight forever!
  • This is gonna be easy!
  • Keep up the pressure!
  • JTF pieces of shit!
  • We're losing numbers here! - LMB soldier dies
  • They got Thompson! - LMB soldier dies

  • Contact! Contact! - Engaging LMB
  • We got shooter - Engaging LMB
  • Open fire!
  • Just get outta here!
  • JTF motherfucker!
  • Target's in cover! - Player in cover
  • Target's in the open! - Player out of cover
  • Reloading! -Reloading
  • Target's wounded! - Player at low health
  • Healing station deployed! - Deploying Support Station
  • Deploying healing station! - Deploying Support Station
  • Ah shit! It's almost unfair! - LMB soldiers dies
  • Stevens is down! - LMB soldiers dies

  • Maintain heavy fire!
  • Engaging target!
  • I'm weapons free!
  • Let's go!
  • Just you and me!
  • Oh damn it! Take cover! - Grenade in proximity
  • Get the damn target out of cover! - Player in cover
  • Tango's in the open! - Player out of cover
  • Suck on this! - Attacking
  • Take this! - Attacking
  • You're dead! - Attacking
  • Gonna cut you down! - Attacking
  • Better keep your head down! - Attacking
  • Hunters is down! -LMB soldier dies
  • We got a man down! -LMB soldier dies
  • Yeah! - Surprised up close

  • I'm not gonna let you destroy this city!
  • You really think you can hide from the LMB?! - Player in cover
  • Just give it up already!
  • Come on, you're just delaying the inevitable.
  • You are weapons free!
  • Engage all targets!
  • Take that tango down!
  • Nice try!
  • Just you?!
  • Aye sir! - Buffing LMB soldiers
  • Clear this AO! - Buffing LMB soldiers
  • I hear you! - Buffing LMB soldiers
  • Hold the damn line!
  • Direct your fire!
  • Waters is down! - LMB soldier dies
  • We got a man down! - LMB soldier dies

Tier 2Edit

  • Heads up! Throwing a flashbang! - Throwing grenade
  • Gonna blind the enemy! - Throwing grenade
  • Cover your eyes! - Throwing grenade

  • How about a shock grenade?! - Throwing grenade
  • Throwing a shock grenade! - Throwing a grenade
  • Sending the enemy a shock! - Throwing a grenade
  • Shock out! - Throwing a grenade
  • Shock grenade headin out! - Throwing a grenade
  • Throwing a shock! - Throwing a grenade

  • I'll take every last one of ya!
  • You're making things worse for yourself!
  • You gonna hide all day?! - Player in cover
  • You really think you can hide from me? - Player in cover
  • Keep the pressure on!
  • Don't be stupid!
  • C'mon! JTF can't do shit
  • Really ? A shield ? - Player deploying a shield
  • Cmon out of there ! - Player in cover
  • I got cover! - Deploying shield
  • You're not getting past this! - Deploying shield
  • Shield deployed! - Deploying shield
  • We're losing our guys! - LMB soldier dies
  • Casualty!-LMB soldier dies

  • Let's see what you got!
  • Take that hostile out!
  • I'm gonna take you out!
  • You know who you're messing with?!
  • Can't hide from this! - Deploying Seeker Mine
  • Can't escape! - Deploying Seeker Mine
  • Seeker Mine's got your number! - Deploying Seeker Mine
  • Turret is live! - Deploying turret
  • Deploying turret now! - Deploying turret
  • I got this!
  • I can do this!
  • EMP out! - Throwing grenade
  • EMP grenade deployed! - Throwing grenade
  • What the fuck! - Surprised up close
  • You're mine asshole! - Surprised up close


  • Help! I'm blind! - Blinded
  • Help! I can't see shit! - Blinded
  • I'm fucking blind! - Blinded

  • Ah! I'm in the dark! - Blinded
  • Help me! I'm blind! - Blinded

  • Aw ! My eyes !" - Blinded

  • This place is ambush central
  • Damn JTF lost their minds
  • I hear the JTF's looking to talk terms or join rank some shit
  • I miss the old city
  • If anyone can pull this off, its Bliss
  • Gonna hunt every JTF i see
  • Keep moving

Named Enemies Edit

Name Type Location Info
Scarecrow Agent Police Academy  
Sgt. King Engineer Queens Tunnel Camp
Charles Bliss Helicopter General Assembly Leader of the Last Man Battalion
Hornet Agent Russian Consulate
Cpt. Foley Gunner Grand Central Station
Raptor Agent General Assembly
Domino Agent General Assembly
Sgt. Wilbur Gunner Times Square Power Relay (Legendary) Armed with a M249 Para and acts like a Rikers Guard. Can't take any damage except from his ammo box.
Sgt. Alfaro Sniper Times Square Power Relay (Legendary) Armed with a Surplus SVD.
Redback Agent Napalm Production Site (Legendary)
Tarantula Agent Napalm Production Site (Legendary)
Weaver Agent Napalm Production Site (Legendary) Armed with a Surplus SVD and Emp Skill Jammer
Widow Agent Napalm Production Site (Legendary) Armed with pp-19 , First aid and Healing station
Cpt. Wyght Gunner WarrenGate Power Plant (Legendary) Uses a tactical shield with Millitary T821 .
Lt. Frisk Medic WarrenGate Power Plant (Legendary) Armed Millitary p416 with First aid and Healing station
Lt. Sasaki Medic WarrenGate Power Plant (Legendary)
Torque Agent WarrenGate Power Plant (Legendary)

Name Type Location Info
Apollo Agent Midtown East - E 52nd St/3rd Ave, Carries 1-2 Fragment keys. Respawns 4 hours after death.
Sgt. Jacks Gunner Turtle Bay Uses a tactical shield. Respawns 4 hours after death.
Cpl. Dorsman Squad Leader Murray Hill Respawns 4 hours after death.
GySgt. Lewis Gunner Kips Bay Respawns 4 hours after death.
Cpl. Wright Rifleman Gramercy Reapawns 4 hours after death.

Name Type Location Info
Cpt. Perez APC Falcon Lost Leader of the LMB Detachment in the WarrenGate Water treatment plant
Pvt. Thorne APC Falcon Lost Part of the LMB Detachment in the WarrentGate Water treatment plant. Mans the APC's weapons systems.

Name Type Location Info

Name Type Location Info

Name Type Location Info
Kremlin Agent  High-Value Target Uses a Sticky Bomb Launcher. Armed with a Black Market AK-74. Can heal self and nearby allies.
Lt. Lee Sniper High-Value Target - Sniper Squad
Komodo Squad Leader High-Value Target - Komodo Squad
Sgt. Pollard Engineer High-Value Target - Cougar Squad Armed with a Custom M870 MCS. Can deploy multiple turrets. Wears a white jacket and hat compared to standard engineers.
Cpt. Mayor Gunner High-Value Target - Cheetah Squad Uses a Tactical Shield
Bluebird  Agent High-Value Target
Harrier Agent High-Value Target - Harrier Squad 
Cmd. Thurston Squad Leader High-Value Target - Grizzly Squad
Cpt. Mayes Squad Leader High-Value Target
Clydesdale Agent High-Value Target - Horse Uses a Sticky Bomb Launcher. Armed with a Black Market AK-74
Sgt. Dias Squad Leader High-Value Target - Lima Squad Armed with a Custom P416 G3
Cmd. Kryos Medic High-Risk Target - Healer Armed with a Custom M870 MCS
"Tulip" Agent High-Risk Target - Flowers
"Daisy" Agent High-Risk Target - Flowers
Cpl. Tijerina Gunner High-Risk Target- Flowers Armed with a Tactical Shield
Pvt. Straker Medic High-Risk Target - Flowers Armed with a Custom M870 MCS
Soprano Agent High-Value Target - Jaguar Squad Armed with a Black Market AK-74. Uses a Sticky Bomb launcher. Can heal self and allies.
Cmd. Fonti Squad Leader High-Value Target Armed with a Custom P416 G3
"Espadon" Agent High-Risk Target - Blades Armed with a MP7
"Rapier" Agent High-Risk Target - Blades Wears woodland camouflage clothing
Sgt. Purcell Medic High-Value Target - The Gunner Armed with an AUG A3. Wears black shirt and skullcap compared to standard medics.
Cpl. Castro Gunner High-Risk Target - Reptiles Uses a Tactical Shield. Armed with a T821
"Caiman" Agent High-Risk Target - Reptiles Armed with a L86 LSW.
"Gila" Agent High-Risk Target - Reptiles Wears woodland camouflage clothing. Armed with an Enhanced ACR-E.
Geneva Agent High-Risk Target - Eagle Squad
Nickel Agent High-Risk Target - Eagle Squad
Tango Agent High-Risk Target - Eagle Squad
Javelin Agent High-Risk Target - Eagle Squad
Lt. Bookout Gunner High-Risk Target - Kilo Squad Uses a Tactical Shield
Sgt. Sanchez Gunner High-Risk Target - Kilo Squad Uses a Tactical Shield
Sgt. Piccio Gunner High-Value Target - Golf Squad
Caesar Gunner High-Risk Target - Falcon Squad Uses a Tactical Shield. Armed with a T821 instead of pistol while moving.

Name Type Location Info
Cpt. Bryant Gunner DZ06 Uses a Tactical Shield
Cpt. Rollins Gunner DZ05 Uses a Tactical Shield like Cpt.Bryant
Sgt.Thompson Gunner DZ05
Cpt. Stojacovich Squad Leader DZ06
Gambit Agent DZ06
Cpt. Spence Gunner
Cpt Wilson Sniper DZ05
Lt. J. James Sniper DZ07
Lt. Omega Grenadier DZ07
Cpl. O'Halloran Grenadier DZ07
Quartermaster Reed Gunner DZ07
PFC Carney Medic DZ07
Engineer Boad Engineer DZ07
Sgt. Mirates Medic DZ07
Danger Squad Leader DZ08
Abstract Squad Leader DZ08
Grim Agent Supply Drops

Name Type Location Info
Hutch Gunner - Heavy Weapons Boss Wave
War Tank Boss Wave


Trivia Edit

  • The LMB is one of the more morally ambiguous enemy factions. While they are absolutely ruthless, they mostly believe they are doing the right thing. And in some cases, they seemingly have more success than the JTF. Their strict rules are oppressive, but the civilians in the LMB territory are far more safe from rioters, rikers, and cleaners than civilians in some of the JTF controlled areas. One phone recording of two rioters talking reveals that they are far more afraid of the LMB, opting to risk facing the JTF instead, whom they consider to be soft and less deadly.
  • An example of this is that the LMB has frequent, heavily armed patrols and checkpoint all throughout their territory with virtually no presence from other factions. If a civilian comes to close to a patrol, they will issue a verbal warning. If the civilian moves away, the soldiers will not shoot. But if the civilian comes closer, they will shoot and kill him or her.
  • On the other hand, the LMB does little to improve the living conditions of the civilians in their territory. Being a militaristic organization, most of their assets and knowledge are focused on the tactical side. While the JTF draws from police, military, medical, engineering, and maintenance organizations, the LMB has done little recruiting at all from the population, possibly because few want to live under their rule. The engineering and medical resources that they do possess are dedicated entirely on their military mission. This makes the LMB very combat effective, but means any civilians have to do without.

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