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Last Stand face off

The Last Stand Game mode is a mode that was added into The Division. It was released with the update bearing the same name. Players must own the Season Pass or the standalone Last Stand DLC to access this game mode (for the PTS, only Season Pass holders could play Last Stand).

Summary of Game Mode Edit

Last Stand is a PvP arena game mode with PvE elements mixed into the combat. The mode pits 16 players in 2 teams against each other. The players team is always considered the SHD team, while the enemy team always appears as Rouges (for canonical purposes only, as the Rouge mechanic from the base game is not in effect in Last Stand). The mode itself is based on the game mode Domination, a popular game mode in FPS games like Call of Duty. There are 3 points on the map labelled A, B and C. Inside each named point there is a set of 3 objectives, labelled 1, 2 and 3. All three numbered points must be captured by one team for the objective to be considered controlled. If all three numbered points aren't controlled by one team, the point is neutral and will not award points.

Controlling the teams home base point allows players to set up defenses, such as a turret and pulse beacon which alerts the team if an enemy player enters the objective. Additionally controlling the point sets up a spawn beacon that allows players to respawn near the objective. The spawn beacon becomes deactivated if the objective becomes neutral. The pulse beacon and turret defenses stay online until destroyed or the enemy team gains control of the objective.

Each point a team controls awards 10 points a second to the teams score. The first team to reach 15,000 points wins. Alternatively, if neither team has 15,000 points by the time 20 minutes elapses, the team with the most points wins.

Along with the PvP combat that the game mode emphasizes, there are 2 Landmarks in each map, one for each side of the map, and the NPC enemies here give out SHD Tech, a new form of currency exclusive to the Last Stand mode. This currency can be spent on boosts and upgrades, such as a turret or point boosts for the whole team. These landmarks also become active much more faster than in the base game.

Normalization is in effect for the mode. From the patch notes[1]:Last Stand Gear NormalizationWhen entering a match of Last Stand, characters stats will be modified in order to bring a more stable balance to player versus player combat.

  • Gear pieces:
    • Automatically increase to Gear Score 256.
    • Main attributes (Firearms, Stamina, Electronics) will be increased to the maximum roll of the existing stat on each equipped piece.
    • All bonuses, included from gear and performance mods, will be increased to their maximum roll.
  • Weapons:
    • Automatically increase to Gear Score 256.
    • Talents unlock based on the normalized main attributes.
    • All bonuses (including from mods), damage and attributes will be increased to their maximum roll.
  • All players will be set to 35% armor mitigation value. This armor mitigation is affected by Talents and Skill buffs.
  • Player talents, Gear Set bonuses and Weapon Set bonuses function as normal.



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