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Light Machine Guns (LMG) are a category of weapons in Tom Clancy's The Division. They are specialized weapons, having large capacity and moderate damage at a cost of high reload times and low rate of fire.

Hungry Hog Firing

An Agent firing the Hungry Hog Exotic Light Machine Gun

Overview Edit

Light Machine Guns are intended to be use at a mid-long range, supporting other players with accurate fire. LMGs have an increased suppression value, able to keep enemies in cover and unable to attack or deploy abilities.

LMGs are quite hard to handle when out of cover, having low accuracy and stability. However, prolong amounts firing will increase accuracy and stability to almost the maximum possible.

In-Game Edit

LMGs can be divided into two categories: belt-fed, and magazine fed.

The belt-fed weapons have large magazines, high damage and decent rate of fire, but suffers from longer reload times.

Magazine fed weapons have a higher rate of fire, but at a cost of a lower magazine size and lower damage.

Light Machine Guns have a in-class bonus of bonus damage to enemies out of cover, increasing damage towards enemies that are not taking cover.

LMGs Edit

Exotic Light Machine Guns Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The barrels of LMGs will begin to glow red after sustained periods of fire.
  • When taking cover, LMGs will gain an accuracy and stability bonus compared to being out of cover.
    • The bonus can be seen active by the reticle when aiming.

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