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Overview Edit

The M44 Marksman Rifles series found within Tom Clancy's The Division. Carbine variants provide extremely high bullet damage at the expense of a slow rate of fire. This makes them valuable only to genuine marksmen, as each missed shot will mean a full second of doing zero DPS. This weapon is used by Rioter Snipers and Riker Snipers.


  • Classic M44 Carbine
  • Hunting M44 Carbine
  • Custom M44

Mod SlotsEdit

  • Skin
  • Optics (Large)
  • Muzzle (Large)
  • Magazine*
  • Underbarrel (Large)*
  • * custom only

Real World Version Edit

The Mosin Nagant rifle describes a series of rifles that served Russia (and later the Soviet Union) and its client states for many years. The first model was issued in 1891 for the Imperial Russian Army. It is one of the longest serving bolt action rifles in history, being issued until the 1940s (and up to the 1960s in third world client nations of the USSR). The original M1891 rifle was updated in 1930, thus the new model was designated the M91/30, which was the most widely distributed bolt action rifle of the Red Army. There was a carbine version known as the M38 issued during World War II. The M44 carbine entered trials (50,000 units) in 1943 and entered service fully in late 1944, however is not commonly seen in most of the combat photography of World War II. This resulted in the commonly-held misconception that the M44 saw very little action in the closing months of the war. The M44 and M91/30 saw battle in the hands of North Korean Soldiers in 1950-53 and in the hands of the Viet Cong and PAVN during the 1960s.

  • The Custom M44 is modelled after the Archangel OpFor Series Stock for Mosin-Nagant type rifles.

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