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The M700 is a Marksman Rifle added in Tom Clancy's The Division in the 1.5 update of the Tom Clancy's The Division video game.

Game PlayEdit

The M700 is a bolt-action marksman rifle, similar to the M44 and SRS. The weapon comes with the talent "Elevated" in its free slot upon acquiring it.

Weapon TalentsEdit

  • Elevated: Increases your damage by 10% when elevated more than 1.2 meters above your target.


Model 700 Edit

The basic and most common variant of the three. It reloads one round at a time, but what it lacks in reload speed it makes up for with high accuracy, high damage, and high stability.

M700 Tactical Edit

One out of two of the variants that has its bullets fed via magazine, The M700 Tactical has a faster reload speed, more variety in terms of weapon modifications (excluding the Underbarrel) and has a decent damage (though not as high at the Model 700).

M700 Carbon Edit

The other variant that has its bullets fed via magazine, the M700 Carbon has high mobility and all weapon modifications are open to this variant, in addition to the faster reload speed like the Tactical variant. However, it has the lowest damage of the three.


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