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First Wave M1A Aiming

An Agent aiming a First Wave M1A

Marksman Rifles are a category of weapons in Tom Clancy's The Division. They are long-range accurate weapons, used for high damage from afar.

Overview Edit

Marksman Rifles are used for long-range engagements where other weapons would suffer from. They are accurate, but require good aim and patience to get the most out of this class of weapons.

In-Game Edit

Marksman Rifles are accurate, but only from a stationary position. If the player moves, the reticle will bloom to almost max. When aiming the weapon, the reticle takes time to achieve maximum accuracy.

In Tom Clancy's The Division, Marksman Rifles do a base +110% damage on headshots. In addition Marksman Rifles gain an additional 140-170% extra Headshot Damage as a bonus.

Weapon Types Edit

Marksman Rifles are separated into two types: bolt-action and semi-automatic.

Bolt Action Edit

Bolt Action rifles have high damage, high stability, and a far range, however they have a low magazine size (usually around five to seven rounds) and a low rate of fire. This is a good type of weapon for players that are either dealing with small group of enemies or would like to pick off enemy groups one by one, as a headshot from bolt actions are enough to kill an enemy (provided they have no armor).

Depending on which rifle the player has, and which variant he/she has, the weapon can be reloaded bullet-by-bullet, by stripper clip, or by magazine.

Semi-Automatic Edit

Semi-Automatic rifles are fed bullets via magazine (with a decent number between 10 and 15), have a quicker reload time, and higher rate of fire; however it has a slightly shorter range than the bolt action and has half the damage to enemies. This is a good type of weapon for players that constantly deal with enemies in large groups and have to switch targets quickly.

Marksman RiflesEdit

Base Weapons Edit

Exotic Variants Edit


  • When taking cover, the reticle will reach max accuracy faster, and gains a stability and accuracy boost.
    • This bonus can be seen active by the reticle when aiming.