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"When all you touch turns to gold, solitude will be your only companion."
— Doug Sutton, First Wave Agent

The Midas is an Exotic Submachine gun which can currently be found in any Dark Zone location. Since the Midas is named, it does have a default weapon skin that can not be changed. The weapon skin gives it a solid gold appearance.


The Midas, being a named high-end weapon has the following traits:

2 Randomly rolled weapon talents

Midas - Each bullet you hit reduces your damage by 1% and your targets damage by 1% to a max of 20% the effect is reduced by 5% per second

Mod SlotsEdit

The Midas has the following mod slots available: Small Underbarrel, Small Magazine, Muzzle and a Small Optic.

Confirmed Drops Edit

Recent data mining from Reddit user Ced23Ric has found that the Midas submachine gun has a 5% chance of dropping from named enemies in the Dark Zone.