Missions are activities in Tom Clancy's The Division. These activities, alongside Side Missions and Encounters, allow the player to level up their character while also trying to restore Manhattan.

Missions are separated into three categories: Medical Medical, Tech Tech, and Security Security. Compared to encounters these missions offer a generous amount of points towards the respective wing upon first time completion.

There are 18 main campaign missions and 15 side missions. Some more may be added through free or paid downloadable content.

Players start in Brooklyn. Their first main mission is Precinct Siege. After which, you meet up with Division agent Faye Lau.

Daily Missions Edit

When an agent reaches level 30 they will have access to daily missions. Once a day real time, players will have access to 3 daily missions; 2 Hard difficulty and 1 Challenging difficulty. These missions are clones of the first 16 missions of the game with the exception of stronger enemies, better loot, increased credits Credits, and Phoenix Credits Phoenix credits.


Medical Missions Edit

  1. Madison Field Hospital
  2. Hudson Refugee Camp
  3. Broadway Emporium
  4. Amherst's Apartment
  5. Russian Consulate

Tech Missions Edit

  1. Subway Morgue
  2. Times Square Power Relay
  3. Police Academy
  4. WarrenGate Power Plant
  5. Rooftop Comm Relay

Security Missions Edit

  1. Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
  2. Napalm Production Site
  3. Lexington Event Center
  4. Queens Tunnel Camp
  5. Grand Central Station

Other Story Missions Edit

  1. Precinct Siege
  2. Establish Base of Operation
  3. General Assembly
  4. Unknown Signal (Endgame)
  5. Incursions

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