The Cleaners are producing mass quantities of napalm at their headquarters to incinerate civilians. Shut down the production and take out their leader, Joe Ferro.

Summary Edit

At the unfinished construction site, the Cleaners used this as a headquarters for Cleaners in Manhattan and the Napalm Production Site for the flamethrower to burn any contaminated areas or infected people. This brings a huge disadvantage to the JTF as they burn areas to prevent any virus research and burn anyone no matter the cost. The Cleaners in Manhattan are led by a sanitation worker named Joe Ferro who turned mentally ill and think burning anything he believes is infected is the only solution as there is no cure which partly true. Ferro is a huge threat as he makes organized platoons or squads to take on any mission which threaten the JTF and the civilians. So it is up to the agent to destroy the Napalm Production Site and to crumble the Cleaners productivity of napalm and objective from Gordon: kill Joe Ferro to demoralize the Cleaners.