April’s text in black pen:

I've read this book so many times already that I feel like I know him. Hi, Merch. I never wrote an author a fan letter before, but what the heck, this is a time for firsts, don't you think? Do you mind if I call you Merch? It's chipper and makes me feel jaunty, which is good because all around me everyone is dying. Merch, and my husband is dead and I can't go home because Manhattan is quarantined and it looks like the entire country is dying of this pandemic.

Guidebook: New York Collapse

An Urban Catastrophe Survival Guide

Warren Merchant

April’s text in black pen:

So I’ll introduce myself. Hi, Merch. I already said that. I’m April–April Kelleher.

My husband got me your book as a joke but now that's the joke-that I'm using it. HA-HA-HA. Loyal reader here, Merch. I think I'm going a little crazy, but I'm loyal. I would tell all my friends about your book, but some of them are dead and I can't get in touch with the rest.

Did I mention the quarantine? I can look across the river at my home, but I can't get there. Seems like everyone is dying. I haven't caught it yet. Yet. Until I do, this book will come in handy. Maybe I can even use it to help people. Spread the word a little.