April's text in black pen:

I have nothing. This book, a pen to write in, and whatever was in my purse when I left to go see Bill yesterday. Not good preparation... but I didn't know I had to prepare. That's what this book was written for, though, wasn't it? I better start getting things figured out - and soon.

April's text in blue pen:

Feel differently about this now. Am I starting to learn how to do this? Live in a world that's falling apart? Maybe that's a skill you can acquire. I know where I'm going to sleep tonight thanks to Drew and Miko, but if something happened? I think I could handle it.



A fundamental principle of preparedness is the 72-Hour Rule. This is exactly what its name suggests: You should always have ready everything you would need to survive for three days. This is an outgrowth of the old survival axiom known as the Rule of Three. In an extreme survival situation, you can survive:

  • Three minutes without air
  • Three hours without shelter
  • Three days without water
  • Three weeks without food

April's text in red pen:

I've seen people strangled. Frozen to death. Starved. Don't think I've seen anyone who died of thirst, but death. It's everywhere. Bodies everywhere. Rats everywhere too. They've got a buffet and it doesn't look like the Bug affects them.


Once you see that rule laid out, you'll realize that the only things you absolutely need to survive for three days are water and warmth (assuming you're in a place with breathable air). The human body can easily survive three days without food, but three days without water can be fatal. Prolonged dehydration causes loss of electrolytes, changes in blood plasma levels, muscle cramps, problems with kidney and intestinal function... The list of symptoms is long, and you want to avoid all of them, even though a healthy adult can probably survive three days of thirst.

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