This book describes catastrophe-level situations where society has broken down and individual safety is at risk. Since neither the author nor any reader of this book has ever experienced such a situation, there is no way to know whether such events would unfold along the paths projected in these pages. As such, the author and publisher of this book disclaim any liability from the use or misuse of any information herein. This book theorizes possible consequences of hypothetical events, and therefore we do not guarantee that the information is complete, safe, or accurate. We also urge you to obey all laws and respect all rights of others.

April’s text in pencil:

MY OWN DISCLAIMER TO MYSELF: I thought this book might keep me alive. Also wanted to hang onto it because Bill gave it to me. Then I started writing in it because writing helped keep me from falling apart. Then I started to think, after this is all over...

...if it’s ever over...

...someone should know what it was like to be here when all this was happening. So I guess this note is for someone who might find this book and read all the things I've written in it. (And all the notes I haven't put in yet, because I'm not out of pages yet and I hope to be writing in the margins for quite some time.)

These are my experiences. I saw these things and did these things and tried to write them down as honestly as I could. I'm sure I forgot some things-I was under some stress, as you will see-but what's in this book is, as Tim O'Brien put it in The Things They Carried, "the hard and exact truth as it seemed." (That's one of my favorite books. I never forgot that long after I read it.)

I hope, if you ever read this book, that you are warm, and dry, and loved, and that the Dollar Bug is a distant memory. - AK

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