April's text in black pen:

(pointing to sketch of shattered smartphone) Common sight on sidewalks




Here's another military saying: No plan survives contact with the enemy. Let's say you do everything right. You have a go-bag that you have prepared in every possible way for a devastating and prolonged catastrophic collapse... and then you can't get to it. Your apartment building burns down. Someone steals your go-bag. You're on the wrong side of quarantine. What do you do then?

You improvise. You figure out where to find all the necessities you need for sustaining life and at least a bare minimum of comfort.

The most useful location for necessary supplies is your local HARDWARE STORE. If you live close to a large chain store, that's an advantage. If not, you'll need to get to your local store before it's completely looted.

April's text in black pen:

(pointing to "before it's completely looted") They already were. Tried 3 different ones. Ran into a group of children inside the third store. They grouped together like I was going to hurt them. Where - I started to write "where are your parents" but that's a stupid question. I gave them the food I had, just energy bars and a jar of peanuts. Then I told the next cop I saw about them. He said tell CERA, so I did. Someone else will have to help them. I can barely help myself.