April’s text in black pen:

I asked to talk to a detective and after waiting on hold forever, I got one. Nina DiGiovanni. I explained to her that investigators had loaded a dead man from the car into the coroner's van, and two uniformed officers had been there taping off the crime scene. I watched the whole thing, I said. Didn't they make a report? She said they didn't have a report of a homicide or firearm incident at that location. I hung up. I stood there on the street staring at the scene for a while and then decided to go home, but there were signs all over the subway entrance saying NO TRAINS TO BROOKLYN. There's a quarantine. Manhattan Island is off-limits, and I can't leave until this is all over. I'm widowed and I can't go home.

I walked up to Eva's place, Grand + Wooster, and she's letting me hide out here for a couple of days. It feels safe here. One thing about a gentrified neighborhood is that rich people got out, so now it's pretty quiet. Whatever's going on, Eva thinks it's going to be okay. She doesn't want me to look into what happened to Bill. Tell the police, she says. But I tried that. What are they going to do? They're all already deployed to help CERA and the rest of the government people coming in. CERA is setting up a mobile command post over by Javits.


Start a Fire.... 84

Siphon Gasoline from a Tank... 86

Speak a few Words of a Few Different Languages.... 87

Preparing Your Home..... 91

Displacement..... 99

April’s text in black pen:

[pointing to “Preparing Your Home”] I wish

[pointing to “Displacement”] Don’t have to live like a refugee 


Improvising Solutions..... 108

The Greatest Danger Out There.........120

Preparing For The Worst........123

A Case Study In Collapse.........126


T + 1.......132

T + 3.......134

T + 7.......137

T + 14.......145

T + 21.......152

T + 30.......158

April’s text in black pen:

[pointing to “A Case Study In Collapse”] Spooky how accurate this is.

April’s text in blue pen:

Not a coincidence?

April’s text in red pen:

Nope. Not a coincidence. 


The New Status Quo.......165


References/Further Reading.......171

About the Author......174

April’s text in blue pen:

[“About the Author” circled] Not as it seems.

April’s text in red pen: