The Paramedic Gear Set consists of a paramedic themed baseball cap, jacket and pants. A POF P416 assault rifle with a custom skin and a Go-Bag with increased healing. Originally this was only available to individuals in North America, however it has since been made available to anyone who purchased a season pass or received a season pass as part of a box set. This set, along with the Firefighter, Hunter, and Police sets, was inspired by the Tom Clancy's The Division: Agent Origins live action web episodes.

Suit Edit

The outfit consists of dark blue colored paramedic styled trousers and jacket combination with high visibility stripes, and a light gray base ball cap. The paramedic symbol features prominently on both the jacket and the hat.

Backpack Edit

The paramedic backpack increases the player's medkit capacity by 2.

Weapon Edit

The set's POF P416 assault rifle comes with a custom light gray scheme with a black magazine. On the magazine is blue medical tape at the bottom with 'EM1' written on it.

Gallery Edit

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