Last Name: Gibson

First Name: Piper

Age: 29

Place of Birth: Scarsdale, NY

Former Job: Trauma Surgeon

Place of Residence: New York, NY

Blood Type: O+

Religion: Protestant

Psychological Profile

- Private school/Ivy League legacy who switched to emergency med after a year's residency in the South Bronx. Stays cool under fire and treats more gunshot wounds than any other doc in the city. Pioneered treatment techniques later adopted by the Army.

- Speaks Spanish & French. Proficient at Krav Maga and has held her own in multiple emergency room confrontations. Refused promotion to more administrative positions to ensure she keeps her hand in the ER.

- Advocated relentlessly for her patients & has gone outside the lines to get resources for them. Exhibits a certain sense of entitlement on occasion. Expects to get what she wants when she wants it & doesn't take disappointment well.

- Extremely skilled at bureaucracy and political infighting. Would not bet against her running for office at some point.

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