Rioter 1: So what are you gonna do? When this is all over, I mean.

Rioter 2: Oh, I'm gonna get me a sweet ride and just roll west. And when I get to Cali, I'm gonna find me a nice piece of ass and show him how we do it, East Coast Style.

Rioter 1: Oh, man. You could totally do that. Or that chick from the movie, the one with cars.

Rioter 2: Oh yeah. He'd appreciate a fine car and the fine lady driving it. I'd just roll up, like, yo, baby. I'll take you places.

Rioter 1: Man, that’s sweet... Me, I just want steak.

Rioter 2: That’s all you got? All the dreams in the world and all you got is steak?

Rioter 1: ...I like steak.

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