Summary Edit

The rioters raid the Brooklyn distribution center and stole the food supplies and attempt to sell the food supplies to the public with a price. The agent is tasked to retrieve the food supplies back from the rioters so the JTF will distribute to the public for free.

Walkthrough Edit

It is the nearest side mission in Brooklyn so start the Restore Brooklyn mission. The player will see a JTF soldier held hostage by a rioter and is required to kill him immediately. After searching one of the JTF corpses, the next food supply locations will be marked for the player, and once the destination has been reached, the agent must fight 2-3 rioters then mark the food supplies. Agents will have to finish off the remaining rioters and mark the rest of the food supplies and the mission will be complete.

Objectives Edit

  1. Search for food supplies.
  2. Search for clues.
  3. Follow the JTF tracking beacon.
  4. Secure the area.
  5. Mark the supplies for pickup.
  6. Secure the area.
  7. Find the remaining supplies.
  8. Mark the supplies for pickup.

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