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"This world is OUR playground now, and no one's here to stop us. We got outta Riker's jail. And we ain't ever goin' back in the hole. It's all ours now. We're the new kings of these streets."
— Rikers

The Rikers are escaped convicts from Rikers Island. They come from various gangs but they decided to unite under Larae Barrett for the sake of the "power by numbers" motto. Unlike the thug Rioters who are simply taking advantage of the anarchy, the Rikers are hardened criminals who revel in it, even threatening to plunge the city into the stone age if they can't claim New York for themselves.

After the death of Larae Barrett and all of her lieutenants, the Rikers are scattered and has to retreat underground to avoid prosecution from the JTF.

Intelligence Brief Edit

A destructive criminal faction that has surfaced as a result of an organized prison break from Riker's Island. The Rikers faction fill the power vacuum left by the retreating Joint Task Force and now rule like lords in a lawless land. Their first objective: exact revenge on authorities—kill everyone with a uniform, especially the JTF. A video recovered from a dash cam of a police vehicle show that they throw a police officer's body on patrol vehicle and then are surrounded and soon killed. Another video recovered shows that they attacked 3 First Wave Division Agents, then they move to the subway where they are killed off. A third video shows that their leader, Barret, executes one of the Rikers because he complained about who's in charge and in return, makes an example of him.

Reports have come in saying that JTF patrol personnel have found the bodies of their comrades who are said to be killed in worst ways anyone can imagine, like someone hanging from their legs, someones dead body in a supermarket carriage with an axe in their skull.This shows the brutality of the Rikers.

With many members from local New York gangs, their ranks quickly grew as they drew in more local followers. Their rapid growth has led to occasional in-fighting and rivalry. This, however, is kept at bay by Larae Barrett. Known as much for her ruthlessness as her ability to plan, organize, and lead. Barrett's powerful leadership over her members show that the Rikers Gang is not to be trifled with.

After the death of Larae Barrett, if listening to the Riker audio log in the Underground, the Rikers are now aware of the Divisions identity, and also express hate that they had to retreat from the classy and rich apartments they took over above ground to the diseased and filthy conditions of the underground. Shown in the first mission of the Underground, the Rikers are either unaware of the first waves treason as the leader of the Rikers claims the mysterious speaker "smells like Division", though still accepts her offer of weapons in return for attacking the Quarantine Center.

Known Riker Mobs Edit

  • South Point Crew
  • Napalm Crew
  • Two-Dog Crew
  • Brownie Crew
  • Top Dollar Crew
  • Thirty Eight Crew
  • Rumble Crew
  • Starman Crew

Enemy Types Edit

  • Enforcer - Standard enemies armed with Military AK-47M or M4 assault rifles. M4s are seen more in higher difficulty areas or missions.
  • Slinger - Rikers grenadiers armed with frag grenades and a T821 (normal) or MP5 (Veteran/Elite), they can be recognized by their riot gear.
  • Runner - Close-range Rikers armed with M870 shotguns. They have 2/3rds the amount of health and (if Veteran/Elite rank) armor compared to regular Rikers. On Challenging difficulty, Runners can easily drop full teams if not taken care of quickly.
  • Hitman - Female Rikers snipers armed with M1A sniper rifles (Normal) or Covert SRS (Veteran/Elite) and M45A1 pistols for close-range. They have 2/3rds the amount of health and (if Veteran/Elite rank) armor compared to regular Rikers. On higher difficulties, these enemies can deal heavy damage to players who don't take proper cover.
  • Guard - Large, heavily armored Rikers identified by their police riot helmets. They are equipped with an M249 B Para LMGs and frag grenades. They are very durable, having 3 times the health and armor of regular Rikers of equivalent rank. On their backs are red ammo boxes that will detonate if shot enough, both dealing damage and temporarily rendering the Guard helpless. If you deploy a Turret, they will immediately go towards it and destroy it.
  • Boss - A tougher Rikers soldier with 50% more health and armor compared to regular Rikers of equivalent rank, armed with an MP5 submachine gun and flashbang grenades.

Attachments: On higher difficulty missions, the Rikers will all have Laser Pointers attached to their guns. Enforcers will also be equipped with M4s with RDS, and the Bosses will have MP5s with ACOGs.

Tactics: Enforcers and Bosses will flank players, even when they are not busy dealing with other Rikers. Runners, as said above, will rush the player with Shotguns. It is crucial that they are eliminated as soon as possible when playing on Hard or Challenging because they can easily wipe out a full group of players, and their range is much further than one would expect. As if that isn't bad enough, Runners will chase players for a good distance before retreating back to their initial starting area. Hitmen fill the role of the common Sniper and should be the main focus of the team sniper as they can dish out a good amount of damage if left unchecked. Guards are essentially mini-boss class enemies and should be one of the primary targets for teams. On Challenging difficulty, they spawn in teams of two, increasing their threat levels significantly.

Named Enemies Edit

Name Type Location Info
Larae Barrett Special Slinger Lexington Event Center Leader of the Rikers. Uses a grenade launcher similar to LMB Grenadiers.
Trigger Mike Boss Bounty
Simon Burris Guard Bounty
Ice Man Guard Bounty
Big G Guard Bounty
Keller Boss WarrenGate Power Plant
Glass Enforcer Rooftop Comm Relay Causes bleed damage
Slingshot Hitman Times Square Power Relay
Downbeat Special Slinger Secure Quarantine Center Leader of the gang that attacked the Quarantine Center after it's bombing. Like Larae Barrett, Downbeat uses a grenade launcher similar to LMB Grenadiers.
Rekt Guard The End is NY (Underground) Part of the Rikers group hiding out at The End is NY underground club.

Name Type Location Info
J.T. Falk (Slider) Special Guard Clear Sky Leader of group using a captured LMB SAM site and also looted Division gear. Armed with T821 SMG and Tactical Shield, similar to LMB Tier 2 Gunners.
Checkers Hitman Stolen Signal Uses a Dazzler blinding laser similar to LMB Tier 2 Snipers.
Curveball Slinger Stolen Signal
Pigstick Boss Stolen Signal
Jackalope Runner Stolen Signal
Bighorn Runner Stolen Signal
Bobcat Runner Stolen Signal Wears a balaclava with the words "DIE!". Armed with a Custom M870 MCS and a M249 B. Can buff himself to decrease damage taken, similar to a Survivor Link.

Name Type Location Info
Riot Slinger Flatiron District Respawns 4 hours after death.
Chains Guard Stuyvesant Respawns 4 hours after death.
Bullet King Enforcer Times Square Roams very close to the Autumn's Hope safe house. Respawns 4 hours after death.

Name Type Location Info
"Salt" Boss

Name Type Location Info

Name Type Location Info
Starman Guard High-Value Target - Starman
Griefer Boss High-Value Target - South Point Crew
Rumble Slinger High-Value Target - Rumble
"Napalm" Boss High-Value Target - Napalm Crew
"Boomer" Slinger High-Value Target - Napalm Crew Uses a grenade launcher similar to Larae Barrett and LMB Grenadiers. Has bright yellow markings rather than white. Does not use any other weapon.
Two-Dog Guard High-Value Target  - Two-Dog Crew
Money Boss High-Value Target One leader of the Top Dollar Crew
T-Bone Boss High-Value Target One leader of the Top Dollar Crew
Brownie Guard High-Value Target - Brownie
"Thirty Eight" Boss High-Value Target - Thirty Eight Crew Leader of Thirty Eight Crew
"Dremmel" Guard High-Value Target - Wild Crew
"Pinky" Guard High-Value Target - Wild Crew
"Tweaker" Guard High-Value Target - Wild Crew

Name Type Location Info
Zeke Guard DZ03, DZ04
Animal Guard DZ03, DZ04
Cannibal Guard DZ02, DZ03, DZ04
Torch Slinger DZ02, DZ03, DZ04 Uses incinerator rounds
Hotrod Slinger DZ03, DZ04
Baz Boss DZ02 (Construction Site) Explosive rounds
Short Fuse Slinger DZ02, DZ03, DZ04 At <40% Uses Incinerator rounds
Boomerang Hitman
Shruggie Guard Supply Drop



  • You made a big mistake pig!
  • Make no mistake, we'll kill you!
  • You ain't gonna last!
  • We got this!
  • Show me you got this!
  • Ain't no holding back!
  • Don't need no permission to kill!
  • Ain't no holding back!
  • Gonna make my day to waste you!
  • I kill fools like you in my sleep!
  • I'm gonna waste you!
  • Get your ass in gear!
  • We're gonna leave you in pieces!
  • Gonna take your fucking beanie!
  • Just die already!
  • Don't go soft on me!
  • You can't last much longer!
  • Don't let up!
  • You can't hide forever! - Player in cover
  • Ducked down over there! - Player in cover
  • Blast 'em outta there! - Player in cover
  • Get that fucker outta cover! - Player in cover
  • Blast 'em outta that cover! - Player in cover
  • Now's our chance! - Player out of cover
  • Ah! I'm gonna get you! -Surprised unnoticed
  • Stay where you are! -Surprised unnoticed
  • Shitbag! -Surprised unnoticed
  • Shit! Grenade! - Grenade within proximity
  • Bomb fools! - Grenade within proximity
  • Heads up! Incoming! - Grenade within proximity
  • Fucking bomb! - Grenade within proximity
  • Shit! It's a bomb! - Grenade within proximity
  • Keep 'em off me! I'm reloading! - Reloading
  • Need ammo! Cover me! - Reloading
  • Watch my ass! - Reloading
  • Need more ammo! Gimme a sec! - Reloading
  • One more shot and he's dead! - Player or NPC at low health
  • Won't be long now! - Player or NPC at low health
  • He's hurt bad! - Riker dies
  • Ah shit, they got him! - Riker dies
  • He's been shot! - Riker dies
  • Those fuckers got him! - Riker dies
  • Ah shit, he's fucked - Riker dies
  • He's down! - Riker dies
  • Those shitheads got her! -Hitman dies

  • Losing my patience with this shit!
  • I love an unfair fight!
  • Pleasure to kill you!
  • Hey! You ain't got a chance!
  • Look alive! Grenade! - Grenade within proximity
  • Bomb! Get out! - Grenade within proximity
  • Let's party! - Throwing grenade
  • Bombs away! - Throwing grenade
  • Fire in the hole! - Throwing grenade
  • Get down! I'm going for it! - Throwing grenade
  • Have a taste of this! - Throwing grenade
  • Those fuckers are killing us! -Riker dies

  • Cover me! I'm going in! - Attacking
  • It's time to finish this! - Attacking
  • Mike! No! -Riker dies
  • Goddamn it! He's dead! -Riker dies

  • Hey! Pigs don't belong here!
  • You ain't gonna rain on my parade!
  • Gonna end you!
  • Don't let them win!
  • Turn up the heat!
  • You can't hide from us! - Player in cover
  • Shit! This ends now! - Surprised unnoticed
  • What in the fuck!? - Surprised unnoticed
  • Gotcha! - Surprised unnoticed
  • Ah! Get off me! - Surprised unnoticed
  • They got Mike. - Riker dies
  • Don't let them best you - Riker dies
  • Shit! He's dead! - Riker dies

  • Say your prayers pussy! - Attacking
  • Takin' you down! - Attacking
  • Go fuck yourself! - Attacking
  • Get away from It! - Grenade in proximity
  • Grenade out! Go! - Throwing grenade
  • Suck on this! - Throwing grenade

  • No mercy! No prisoners! -Buffing other Rikers
  • Ain't nothing to worry about! -Buffing other Rikers
  • Gonna waste you!
  • They nailed him! -Riker dies
  • I've got us a kill! - Player or NPC at low health

  • This is on you!
  • Gonna bleed you dry, piggies! - Attacking
  • Putting you in a world of hurt makes me stronger


  • Feels good to have a gun again- Idle
  • I hope that shit ain't airborne - Idle
  • I can't wait to have a smoke - Idle

  • Look at you trying to be a hero - Killing civilian with rifle
  • Bingo! - Beating corpse with rifle
  • Ha! - Beating corpse with rifle

  • "Lookout! They got a robot gun! - Turret deployed
  • That robot gun is bullshit! - Turret deployed
  • Gonna wreck your little boy! - Turret deployed
  • Fuck! Run away from that thing - Seeker Mine deployed
  • It's still going! - Seeker Mine Deployed
  • The fuck is that!? - Seeker Mine deployed
  • Why is that thing after me!? - Seeker Mine Deployed


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