Robert "Bob" Gonzalez is a missing Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) agent activated as part of the first wave to take back New York.

Personal Notes Edit

  • Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
  • Blood Type: O+

Gregarious and friendly. Has easy rapport with coworkes and friends.

USMC veteran. Graduated from LSU and spent time on Baton Rouge PD.

Responsible for over 300 felony convictions. Highly decorated but regarded as "a pain in the ass" by his superiors. Does not follow orders he does not agree with; trusts his own instincts to the point of outright insubordination.

Notable for having anticipated post-Katrina chaos in New Orleans. Traveled into the city before the storm and served as a mediator between the civilians and local PD. Saved over 20 civilian lives.

Had multiple run-ins with PMC personnel on-site during Katrina. Does not respect or work with them. Should not be asked with doing so in the future.

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