Overview Edit

The SA-58 is an Assault Rifle appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Variants Edit

  • Military SA-58
  • Tactical SA-58
  • Classic FAL

Real World Weapon Edit

  • The actual FN FAL, which the Classic FAL is based on, was made by the Fabrique National de Herstal, with FAL being an abbreviation for 'Fusil Automatique Leger'.
  • The FN FAL is actually incapable of a three-round burst fire mode, unlike the ingame counterpart which forces three-round burst fire.
  • The SA-58 is a variant of the FN FAL produced by DS Arms Company.
  • The SA-58 used in game is likely an SA-58 Para with a shortened barrel, tactical rail and RIS hand guard.

Gallery Edit

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